This Website Is Not Available. in Mooky's Playhouse of Doom.

  • May 5, 2014, 2:01 p.m.
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     5-5-14 / 12:01 AM

     "This website is not available"   is spray painted across every

piece of the concrete barrier which contains the old Open Diary site. Without warning there is a loud thud across one of the concrete barriers. Another thud and the barrier begins to crumble. A third thud and large pieces of the barrier explode outward and out flies Mofo's flying magic penis!?! Immediately a huge swarm of the undead shambles out of the broken barrier. The magic penis stops and hovers six feet off the ground and begins to vibrate. A blue lightning bolt shoots out of the top of the most magical of magic penises and burns the three nearest zombies into ash. The flying penis turns and flies away into the night with more zombies shambling after it. Then one of the undead turns and notices a tiny light high atop a faraway hill. With outstretched arms that zombie starts moaning and shambling toward the light, and within minutes there are thousands of flesh eating monsters moving slowly but surely toward the light shining in the middle of the night, the light known as Prosebox. . . . . Coming this summer to Mooky's Playhouse of Doom, the further adventures of Mofo. . . . . But only if adulthood allows me time to fart around on the computer.

Lobbastah May 05, 2014

Being an adult sucks.

BackwoodsBarbie May 30, 2014


Ferret Mom July 02, 2014

I found you. :)

aglow July 16, 2014

Did you ever come back to start writing again after this epic feat of fiction?!

Mr. Mofo aglow ⋅ July 16, 2014

No I am sorry, but I have not. I have a little bit more time lately,however I just cannot get into a mood where I enjoy sharing anything anymore.

Take care, keep in touch.

Deleted user September 06, 2014

Well what the fuck happened here

Mermy Cullen September 12, 2014

What the bloody hell was that note all about lol

WomanOfSteele November 14, 2014

Oh magic penis of doom, it's nice to see you!

Mr. Mofo WomanOfSteele ⋅ November 14, 2014

Well thanks very much. Although Mr. Happy the magic penis is more of a bringer of happiness....snarkiness on a bad day. Mr. Happy lets politicians and the evil Crhistmas demon known as Santa bring on the doom.

WomanOfSteele Mr. Mofo ⋅ November 14, 2014

Yes, perhaps a better phrase would be "magic penis of righteous wrath"

Loki December 02, 2014

  • this entry almost killed me xD
thatwhichtheseabreaksagainst December 09, 2014

So I thought I'd check out your journal since you've checked out mine and now I'm glad I did, love the blast from the past of mentioning OD, and the crazy story along with it ;) go-go-gadget-magic-penis

VeronicaDee March 21, 2015

Magic penis and zombies in one post... Fantastic!

Mr. Mofo VeronicaDee ⋅ March 22, 2015

Miss Dee, when are magic penises and zombies NOT in the same post?!?

VeronicaDee Mr. Mofo ⋅ March 23, 2015

Apparently I haven't been doing this adult thing right the last decade!

SweetMelissa May 30, 2015

Adult life continues to kick my free time's ass on a regular.

Deleted user July 01, 2015

WanderingWarrior November 10, 2015

Behind.Blue.Eyes July 16, 2016

Where are you? How have you been? What are you doing now? Tell me all the things! I need to know so I can go back to making fun of you. I've missed you!

Mr. Mofo Behind.Blue.Eyes ⋅ July 16, 2016

Absolutely nothing has changed in my life...except I occasionally have sex in a creepy clown outfit.

Take care, talk with you later.

P.S. I still remember chatting with you on facebook about Gretna.

Behind.Blue.Eyes Mr. Mofo ⋅ July 17, 2016

Tell me more about this clown outfit.

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