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  • June 3, 2021, 4:09 a.m.
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I spent months trying to sew masks to make money. Recently all my sewing machines died.. I was so upset that I took the money I made making masks and paid for me a sewing machine. I was so proud of my accomplishment I posted it online.

Charlene a girl from his school messaged me and asked me if she wanted hers. Her sewing machine is a heavy duty machine to sew jeans and canvas. I thanked her. We plan to meet later on so I can get it from her. She said she is giving it away because her baby takes all her time.

Ziggy woke me and my husband up at 4:45 am. My husband and I took advantage of Ziggys early bird ways and remember to get the trash took out this time after forgetting it for a freaking month! For a cat from the Humane Society he does improve our life. Ziggy is currently laying on my legs while I type..

The phone wasn’t charging if it wasn’t for him waking me up I would have missed my alarm and got late for work my phone is currently on charge. I hope Ziggy sleeps at the same time I do till my alarm.. the rest of the kitties are very quiet in the next room.

After work today I plan if my husband doesn’t do it to mow the grass. I was going to do it yesterday but I really needed the sleep.

Maybe I can get a few minutes of sleep before my alarm. Come on Ziggy let’s take a cat nap.

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