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  • June 2, 2021, 2 a.m.
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I do have a few and I need to stop them all but then sometimes it just has to be done. One thing I do and it’s really bad is I will sneeze and think that nothing will come out and then all of a sudden there it is on my hand because I thought I could stop it but you can never stop a sneeze or what comes out unless you plug your nose and that is even worse and then you have to find something to clean up the mess. I think this is why Kleenex was invested.
And who ever invested toilet paper was smart because now they are multi billionaires. I think toilet paper is such a waste because it’s the only paper that gets used once and then flushed down the toilet. But then Kleenex is used only once also i wonder if the same person invented that too.
Here is a question for you? have you ever picked your nose because you didn’t have anything to blow your nose with? I bet everyone has at least once for one reason or another.
And when you drink your alcohol do you have the first one at the same time everyday? And do you end up drunk then hate yourself for drinking so many because now you have none left? When I do have my favorite alcoholic beverage I usually have one can in the after noon and I stop myself there because I know what I am like when I have any more. I am considered a cheap drunk so that is why I stop at one.
But the one bad habit I seem to always go back to is my smoking. But I don’t smoke pot or crack or anything that requires a needle. I don’t think I could ever be a diabetic that sticks needles into me I just don’t have the stomach for that. So if I ever do get diabetes I will have to use one of those sensors things.

Onto something else....

I have decided that today is the day where I attempt to cut my grass with my new lawnmower. I am thinking it will take about 2 hours just because the grass and weeds are like 2 feet high. I just wish I could hire someone to do it for me because then they will do a much better job then I would because they have been cutting grass their whole like and I have only cut grass a handful of times. I prefer to be inside and do cleaning there then I don’t get as dirty as being outside. And I forgot to cut the honey dew I got so that has to get done today. I wish I just could get motivated enough to start in one room and clean that then move on to the next room. I use to do that and it only took me a few hours to get everything done but then in a while it starts to look lived in and then I have to start all over again. Why is it we can’t ban everyone from living in a room and just keep it clean so it can be picture perfect? The worst room to clean is always the bathroom but that room never takes a lot of time because a lot of water is always used.
have you realized the two commodities that we all have is electricity and water? I think not having water is the worst unless you are in the middle of making dinner and the power goes off then whatever is in the oven will stop cooking unless you have a generator then you don’t have to worry about starving.
My power went off the other day because some moron decided to let a balloon fly into the sub station so two cities here were with out power for about three hours and to figure out what to do till there is light again and there are only two things to do…sleep and play off line solitaire games or if you can find a flashlight you can read.

Onto something else....

The macaroni salad i made last night turned out really good I even liked it but picked out the celery and hubby said it was the best he has ever eaten and it is now my go to pasta salad. here is the recipe if you want to try it. But I didn’t have the frozen peas or the purple onion or the sweet onion.

Well it’s that time again for me where I need to stop here.
Be kind, be calm and be safe and behave.

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