Water line pop, sewer issues, sewing machines died in ?

  • June 1, 2021, 10:48 p.m.
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2:30 this morning the waterline under the sink exploded. Thank God we had a shark bite to repair it. I accidentally bought that shark bite when months ago I was trying to fix the toilet. If you are a homeowner a shark bite is a temporary fix but it is worth every dollar! It fastens on easy and if you are not a diy pro like me a shark bite can really help you find peace during chaos. My husband and I insanely mopped and cleaned up the mess.

I called me boss super early in the morning to call in. It wasn’t until later on I found out she scheduled me wrong and I actually had a day off.

I barely fell asleep when I heard crunching under the trailer. I went out to discover the trailer park repair man. He informed me that my sewer line was damaged many years ago when the mobile home was moved in it was dropped puncture the sewer line. The large pipe the sewer runs down had a small hole in it. This depressurization stop the sewer from going into tubs and sinks. The landlord demanded a $1,200 fix or we were homeless. I told the repairman well time for us to pack I got $200 to my name. After lots of arguing with the landlord the repairman found a shortcut to fix the problem and charged us $100. I almost cried.

Today my husband rented a van and hauled the parts he needed to his friend Dillion’s house. Dillon plans to help Talan fix his wrecked Subaru. Talan cleaned the van took it back to u-haul. We had $11 till payday I cried.

I tried to come home to sew some purses for my business I run on the side. All my sewing machines broke.i looked at all 4 machines and cried. My husband suggested me to send it to a repairman. It is cheaper just to get a new one. I guess on payday I am buying a new machine.

I have a goddess size female naked Gwen who wants me to sew her some new clothing. I have no adjustable mannequin to do this project on. She assumes I will be fine without it. She supports my dream of doing a clothing line but I don’t have the financial means. Sometimes I just cry because I know I should just give up.

You know how my mom’s dog Lemon went missing? Well mom told me to find her.. Lemon is at the Humane Society. Mom told me go pick her up..I can’t I work both days. Sorry mom you will need to bring Lemon home yourself! You are retired mom. You got plenty time to pick up your friend. I got to work.

I am just starting to sober up. I had a bad day my husband fussed a lot so I had him make me a koolaid with some bourbon in it. After the buzz end I plan to sleep.

I work in the morning. After work I hope to convince my husband to install my dishwasher that has been sitting in storage for a year.. if he would do that I would mow the damn grass.

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