Sink exploded, call in getting parts in ?

  • June 1, 2021, 3:08 p.m.
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The hose under my sink busted at 2:30 this morning water went everywhere! My husband and I were up till dawn cleaning and mopping. I had to call in from work to do the repairs. We used a sharkbite to stop the leak. I still need to fix the floor but couldn’t afford materials.

We slept maybe 2 hours to find someone under our trailer. He said our sewer line disconnected something about when the trailer was installed they put the trailer across the sewer line. He said whoever installed the trailer created a leak in the sewer that stopped the sewer from going into our tub and drains. He said to properly fix it up to code was $1,200. When we told him we didn’t have it he said give him $100 and he will do a patch job.

My husband rented a u-haul today to get a front clip for his Subaru from a junk yard. We were planning to buy plywood to fix our floors but between his u-haul rental and us paying the guy to fix our sewer we are broke.

Tomorrow is payday. I have less than $15 till payday. I wanted to use that money to get an oil change but my since exploding was a hell of a surprise.

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