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I don’t like change if it is like negative billing. Actually most services we have here like the phone companies and the electric company and the credit card company and even the grocery stores are suppose to advertise or have signs or even warning to tell the people that changes are coming so you can make an informed decision and either accept the changes or cancel the services. But restaurants are not that honest until you order from their take out and have it delivered. The chines restaurant that hubby and I order from decided to change their menu and charge a delivery fee because no one want take out any more. But the thing is they told me that they changed the distance before they start charging and I had no idea. it’s not much but just to know would have been nice. So as a protest we will be finding a take out place closer to where we live the next time we want Chinese.
The other day i got a letter from my bank telling me that some of their service fees were going to be going up in June I think and because they told me I am going to continue to use them because for the most part the services that are going up I only use one of them and their credit card agreement is going to be worded differently so it’s easier to understand. Now that is what I call great service.

Onto something else.....

Last night just as 7:30pm was coming the power went out here. it was in two cities and it was because some yahoo decided to see what it would be like to have a balloon get caught at one of the substations in my city. So hubby went for a nap and I sat and played solitaire without my internet for two and a half hours and 30 minutes before the recording said the power would be back on it came on and life carried on.

But before the power went out hubby ordered our new kitchen table and chairs so that will be coming soon and I will be adding the legs to it and this old table will be going into the laundry room and the chairs I am not sure. is there anyone who wants 4 chairs that are like 20 years old? Oh and my idiot brother in law came and put together the lawn mower so now I am just waiting for the grass to get a lot dryer and then watch the lawn mower break into a million pieces like on that commercial for gorilla tape.

Onto something else.....
Well today is going to be one of those days where it’s just hockey and relaxing. And steak for dinner with baked potatoes. But hubby was suggesting maybe French fries like they serve in the restaurants so we will see what we feel like and then maybe steamed carrots and I mad a fake cherry pie which actually turned out not too badly so there is that.

I should also get some laundry done and maybe change the beds. is there anyone who would like to come and do this for me?

Onto something else....
I think I better stop here because I am just rambling and making no sense.

Be Kind, Be Calm Be Safe and behave.

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