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Have you ever lived with someone and all they did was break things or use things and they don’t work like they did a minute a go? I had to get a different fridge and a different oven and a different sink tap because my idiot brother in law either broke or made these things not work like they should. the fridge he broke the bar on the side door and used pennies to keep the light off when the door is closed and the kitchen sink tap he tried to fix it from leaking but only made it worse and water leaked from the bottom and the oven he tried to open the door after it was on self clean and broke the handle. And today he is going to put my new lawn mower together and I am very leery about that because I have visions of it needing to be ducked taped together after the first time I use it. But hubby wants him to put it together so I will let him but at the same time tell him if it starts to have problems he will be fixing it.

And then later hubby want me to go with them to the bottle depot and help return the empties but that i said no to because his mini van or whatever it is is more then 20 years old and I just don’t feel safe in old cars like that and he never keeps them in good shape. all he does is fix what’s wrong and that is it and he very rarely has a pro do the work. He does it himself and more times then not he is drunk when he works on his cars. Hubby has even tried to bribe me by offering me cash and giving me half of the money he gets for the empties and I still said no. I just don’t trust the brother in law and because he hasn’t really talked to me in like 6 years I have no idea if he even wants to try to have a relationship with me. I on the other hand is trying to be nice when I do see him and try to ask him questions like how his idiot girl friend is and how he is and that is about the just of the conversations.
And because I don’t know his work schedule I never phone him nor does he phone me just to say hi.
The one thing I do want from both of them is that we all sit down and try to work out what went wrong and why his idiot girl friend hates me so much and what I can do to try to fix it. And she owes my son an apology for kicking him out because he asked if the light can get turned off so he could go to sleep and get up for work and she told him to leave and then she threw his work shoes in the garbage when he wanted them back.
And the funny thing is she never wished me a happy birthday or a happy holiday and she only gives gifts to hubby and every now and then she will talk to him but only when the brother in law calls which is not very often.

So lets hope that the lawn mower will work and won’t break into a million pieces. I think when he is finished building it he should mow the lawn to see if it actually works. But then my grass is mostly weeds and is about 2 feet high so I am not sure he will. But I can always ask and hope.

Onto something else…

I am hoping that hubby will want to get a new kitchen table and chairs sometime this weekend I have 4 for him to look at and I hope he pick one of them then it will get delivered and this old one can go into the garbage or get the salvation army or someone to come and get it,

I have this thing that when someone has died I really don’t like to keep their furniture because it’s usually something I don’t like and the colors are always wrong. So I am slowly trying to get stuff I like so it feels like my home. The only room that feels like it belongs to me is the kitchen because I was here when all the appliances came. Things like pictures and art work I don’t mind keeping because I think it has some character and the photos are the only link back into history.

Onto something else....

I need to start my day and figure out what will be for dinner. Maybe Chinese then I don’t have to mess up my kitchen....
Do have a great day, be kind, be calm a and be safe and behave.

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