Mead making, kitchen cleaned, hours cut in ?

  • May 30, 2021, 6:27 a.m.
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After months of begging my husband to better clean the house I come home to find part of the kitchen clean and several bags of items on the stove. I could have had a fight about him spending all this money but the fact he cleaned at all impressed me. He tiptoed around the idea that he plans to start making us mead and he plans to start cleaning better. I could have been pissed over the $100 he spent on mead making supplies but any excuse to keep any part of the house clean is impressive. I didn’t even complain. I mean at least he plans to clean the kitchen! It is an attempted step in the right direction.

So JoAnn Crafts hasn’t had me on the schedule for now the 3rd week in a row. They said they simply don’t have the hours. When I scheduled a day off a month in advance for Renissance Fair he said he plan to use me that day. Really you ignore me for weeks suddenly I am valuable? Its good I work at Little General because my hours being cut at JoAnn Crafts would really piss me off if it wasn’t for that. Rob my boss was displeased when I admitted that openly. He is displeased I only schedule to work weekends. Cutting hours was his passive way to say he is unhappy. I told him it is okay he will get used to the idea. Cut my hours JoAnn Crafts I don’t mind because Little General happily gives me more hours than you offer.

I don’t know if he hopes I will quit or if they really are having scheduling conflicts. My boss at Little General always keeps me plenty busy so I am not the least bit offended. I keep using my discount at JoAnn Crafts and pretending like I am not a bit annoyed.

Several of the girls who work at JoAnn Crafts asked me to be a reference for their job applications. I will brag how amazing dependable and beautiful they are. They deserve nice jobs and I will happily help them. They too have complain they hardly ever work. I question if the company is struggling. Until Rob decides I am fired I am going to keep living my best life because Little General covers my bills.

Today is my day off. After I get my husband to work I plan to go on an adventure. Only God knows what I will do. I know I plan to take my best friend Tella with me.

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