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When I eat I often start with my vegetable then I eat my protein and then my carbs. I realized that by the time the good stuff is eaten I am sometimes too full to finish it and then I eat less carbs and don’t feel so gross after. I also know that eating vegetables and fruit is always a good thing because all they have is vitamins and minerals and what doesn’t get used is always eliminated one of two ways and the protein should be a minim of 3oz which is the size of the palm of your hand.
I think the reason why some of us have this love hate for food is because no matter what we eat we always put some sort of sauce or condiment on to what we eat. have you ever eaten a baked potato with nothing on it? or do you have to have the butter, sour cram and bacon bits and chives? or have you ever had any kind of fish or meat with no sauce or seasonings?
If you think about how wild animals eat and then realize the reason why they never get fat it’s because they don’t have all the extras that people put on their food. it’s only when they are domesticated that we start to feed them things with sauces and gravies on them and that is where the weight gaining come from. And then there are some people who let their pets eat French fries and lick up the left overs from their plates and then they wonder why their pet is gaining weight and is always told to force them to loose weight.

Weight for me has always been an issue. I have been over weight for most of my adult life and it’s a vicious circle and every once in a while I will loose my weight then life happens and I gain it back and the excuses I use are never any good or hold any amount of water and I just realize that I need to find something to motivate me to stay thin but so far I have not found that reason yet. Maybe next time around.

Onto something else....
I was told by hubby that my son got his first vaccine and he hasn’t told me yet. but he did plaster a picture on Facebook but because he unfriended me I didn’t know. I think that is very rude that family will delete other family like that. especially when there is a kind of relationship between the two. But I will be mentioning that to my son the next time I talk to my son and also ask him why he hasn’t friended me yet and also ask him if I can ask him things on line.

There are times when I wish i didn’t have to talk to people because a lot of times I really don’t care how they really are but there are some who i like to talk to all the time because they have such an interesting life. And every time I talk to someone I always find out that much more about them and that makes for a better friendship and relationship but I don’t have that with my son because he never offers any new information so we don’t have much of anything. And i am always the one who starts off all the conversations and asks all the questions. Not ever has my son ever called me and said to me that he was thinking about me and wondering how I am he just phones me because I have asked him too and I am tired of calling him and having him tell me he is too busy to talk to me so now he calls me when he has some free time and if we spend 10 minutes talking that is a lot and i am happy with that.

My mom calls me what seems to be every other day and I call her every other day just to see how she and my dad are doing and if any news in the family has happened. And my brother even calls me but because of his 18 hour day he calls me usually when he is going somewhere and has a minute to say hi and ask what is new and how hubby and my son are doing. I don’t call my brother anymore because he never has time to talk to me so I told him he needs to call me when he has the time. I could probably call him but my telescope is still in the shop so I can’t see what he is doing or where he is going.
And after every conversation i have with my family I tell them that I love them and to be safe.

Onto something else....
This might be interesting to read....

I need to stop here.
be kind, be calm and be safe and behave

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theKat May 30, 2021

actually Veggies are carbs. meats usually have no carbs or very few... but everything else you eat is a carb.

Jodie theKat ⋅ May 30, 2021

But with veggies and fruit is a lot better for you because the more you have to chew the harder it is for you to digest which in turn makes you feel much fuller then to eat pasta or a potato.

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