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  • May 28, 2021, 2 a.m.
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All day yesterday I could have sworn it was Friday but then after hubby left for work i looked on the calendar and the lap top and sure enough it was Thursday, and it was Thursday all day. So after the new was on I realized I had to make something for dinner. And the meat loaf turned out pretty good and there is even left overs for hubby tonight so the left over spaghetti sauce went back into the freezer for another time. And if I am smart I will be in bed watching TV by 7:00 pm and falling a sleep shortly after that because 5:30 am comes really fast.

The plan for this weekend is hubby is going to be watching Hockey and I will be asking questions when the teams will be scoring just like all females do or they have to tell their significant other something less important and then they get pissed because they missed it. but the do have the replay to see but that isn’t the same so I am told.
And maybe this weekend I will attempt to put the lawnmower together. How hard can it be for a person like me to screw in parts so they don’t fall off? But then there is always Gorilla tape right?

Onto something else....

I saw on Facebook my son got his vaccine but the sad thing is he unfriended me so it was hubby’s page I saw the picture. I don’t know why he didn’t add me back when I apologized to him some weeks ago. So now he needs his second shot and then we can be in the same room and maybe even hug each other. I think once the people of B.C. are up to 70% vaccinated then the rules that we have been told will be different and we will be able to go out to restaurants.
I would like to know how this virus originated. There are two schools of thought. One is that it was an accident in the lab and the second one is that some idiot was trying to catch a bat to cook it for someone but this is what I read so far.

Well life is pretty good despite being poor but I do have everything I want and need so that is all that matters.

Next door to me there was this house that got torn down and now that all is left is the ground that it was on and a new house is going to be built. It only took like an hour and a half to make it into rubble and they took all that away yesterday well they started to anyways till it rained. So I am thinking by Monday they will be staring to build the new house and it should be done by Christmas so it will be interesting to see how far forward they move the house and how big it will be. When this house is finished there will only be about 4 houses that are smaller and all the rest on this block is like three stories high. And i have noticed that the sky line is getting less and less. Why is it the whole family including the aunts and uncles and the grandparents have to live with their children and grand children? whatever happened to the small family for each house? I wonder what people do once all these people die? do they adopt other parents and grandparents and aunts and uncles? Or do they rent out the empty rooms for top dollar? I know of one basement suite that is $1200.00 for one bedroom but the turn over is really high because that is just too much money to be spending on a room even though the house is only like 2 years old. But then our property taxes are really high so that drives up the rents here and that isn’t fair.

Onto something else....

Well enjoy your weekend and please be kind, be calm and be safe and behave yourself.

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theKat May 28, 2021

property taxes here are fairly high... but not like Chicago or New York.... their taxes are more than 1000 a month. ouch!
pool is open now waiting for you to show up LOL

Jodie theKat ⋅ May 28, 2021

let me get my second shot.....
The house that is being built next door costs more then a million dollars and the property taxes are more then that....It's highway robbery.

theKat Jodie ⋅ May 28, 2021

taxes can't be more than the cost... people would be nuts to built a million dollar house and rent it out... very very few would be able to afford the rent and if they could they would not rent they would buy. rent would be 20,000 a month or more

Jodie theKat ⋅ May 28, 2021

Here it seems the Chines and east Indians are the ones with the money and because we have very little houses to buy they buy land and build themselves...||The guy next door is doing that with his old house.

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