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  • May 25, 2021, 2 a.m.
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That the coronavirus has been around since the 1960’s so who ever has been saying that China made it is really wrong.


I have a question for you? if you could take a pill that will allow you to live 25% longer would you take it? but there are major side effects and you can end up in the hospital near dead. my dad took such a pill and he ended up with three bleeders and had to get them cauterized and is also taking iron pills for the rest of his life. So maybe wanting to live longer is probably doable but taking pills is not the answer. But things like vaccines and other preventive things that we have done as children has save our lives and made us who we are and the threat of death has never been a factor you have to think about.
And what about all those shots we got as children? Polio, diphtheria and the rest of them and even the tetanus? Why is it okay to have these but not a vaccine that will save your life so you can live longer and enjoy life? I have heard on the news that people who were in the ICU for Covid and survived are now having major breathing issues and their lungs and other organs are now damaged and will soon need a transplant if they live that long. Why is it people never think outside the box and go beyond the here and now.

I have another question for you? if you could prevent a deadly disease would you? What is the one disease that scares you the most?
I know for me I will probably die of a heart attack or a stroke because that is what my family history is and being over weight or anything else has nothing to do with it it’s just a part of my families genetics but I can try to slow down the end result of death by listening to the doctors. Why is it when we finally get a deadly disease that is when we start to change? And by then it’s often too late because the damage has already been done and there is no more fixing it. And once your heart stops then there is no going back you are dead and then people wonder why you didn’t do more to live.

Onto something else....
Well I am considering attempting to build my new lawn mower and if I need help I can ask the land lady because her tools are better then mine and she won’t strip the screws or put them in too loose. I figure it should take me about an hour and then I just have to wait till the grass is dry enough to cut. I wish it would just stop raining.

Onto something else....
I need to stop here....
Do have a great day and be kind, be calm and be safe and behave.

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