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  • May 25, 2021, 12:13 a.m.
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I was working across from Crossroads Mall at the Little General when I heard ambulance, firetruck and a large amount of traffic. While I was changing the trashbags out by the pumps I noticed a tractor trailer flipped over. What I heard from passerbys and Facebook a logs truck was trying go around a curve at the exit to fast and rolled. The driver and his dog though shaken up manage to walk away unhurt. The driver was very fortunate he wasn’t hurt. There was tons of logs all over the freeway but somehow no other vehicles were damaged.

Rob said he didn’t get enough hours at JoAnn Crafts so I wasn’t put on schedule. Hillary at Little General has been generous to find me hours at her store and I have worked at the Stanaford store and Calloway Heights this week as well. It is nice having so many hours available to me.

Earlier this week I went to a picnic a man name Aeson read my cards. He told me I have to many jobs and that I need to get into paraprofessional or social work. He told me to give up on sewing and find a real job. I am challenging myself to sew to start a small business. It isn’t taking off like it should but it is a fun part time hobby between my 2 jobs. I think having a healthy hobby to look forward to can keep a person’s mindset clean and less stressed.

While I was picking up my husbands paycheck before work one of the girls saw my vintage slouch bag I made for myself and asked me to make her a little mermaid one. I was so complimented. On my day off I will see what fabrics at JoAnn Crafts Delaney might like for her bag.

I am off the next 2 days. I plan to read on Sylvia Browne Adventures of a Psychic. I also plan to read a little on Cat Daddy by Jackson Galaxy. I used Jackson’s tips to help train my cats. While my husband is at work I am going to turn off my phone and just enjoy a quiet moment.

I bought 4 books at Goodwill to read. My husband criticized me for buying 4 books but considering I bought 4 books for $5 I think it was a good deal. I don’t think he could find me hours of entertainment for $4.

Today after a long day at work I pulled up in my driveway and startled myself! I saw the silhouette of a woman in my window. I forgot it is the mannequin head that I use to model my masks. I told my husband that Sally the head is creepy maybe I should get her away from curtain. Talan said if it creeps me he bets the neighbors are worried too and he laughed.

My husband woke me up tonight. He was depressed and needing comfort. Him and his friends obviously have different dreams. I told him it is ok to follow your spirit if you lose people along the way it is ok because you attract more people better suited to be your friend. He got comforted and went to sleep.

It is 3:11 am. I guess I need to get some sleep. Night y’all.

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