Old man drama, threaten to slap a pimp, tarot card readings in ?

  • May 23, 2021, 6:04 a.m.
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I work at a gas station.. most of the time nothing works out.. I had a world war 2 veteran call us asking for Marboro 87s and glass bottles of coca cola and diet mountain dew. He argued with me about why don’t we have glass bottles and wanted to know why we only had one pack of 87s. I had a long line waiting behind him while he argued I needed to go check for glass bottles which I knew there was none of. I suggested the veteran try Walmart or Kroger for his glass bottles. He told me no. He saw the long line of people behind him when he told me carry his bottles to his car. He said I owe him that since he went to war. I asked him to step aside I will carry his things to his car after I call Jessica out of the cooler. The war veteran stood there refusing to move. A man in a jogging suit threatened the old man move or else.

The local neighborhood drug dealer in his tracksuit got impatient. He threatened to call my boss. He said the old man ruining his day was my fault and the drug dealer said find someone who can really do this job. I am working a 13 hour shift between 2 jobs I am tired as hell and didn’t need him acting like a bitch. Excuse me not all of us can sell drugs and pimp for a living some of us need to work at a gas station to help the pimp get his Newport shorts and his blunt papers.

Jessica came out and offered to let me get a cigarette. I don’t smoke except when angry. I helped the war veteran get his things to his car. Mr Pimp walked up and went to run his mouth and threatened to take me outside. I told him bring it and I not afraid to bitch slap a pimp. I asked him if he disrespects his mother too or just strange women at gas stations.

I told him he must of bumped his fool head to think he can disrespect a person for doing their damn job if he don’t like the line feel free to leave and take his attitude with him. I don’t have time for him to act a fool. I got a job to do not babysit a grown man acting like a toddler. I told him life doesn’t always work out get used to the idea. I told him always be kind to people you never know when you need them again. When I asked him if he acts that foolish with his mama he apologized he said he forgot who he was talking to. He asked if I accepted his apology and I told him talk all you want you better show action if you want respect. His ego was hurt but he went to his car and left. I am not one of your tricks don’t think I won’t put a pimp in his place.

I called me boss Hillary and told her she will have a complaint that a man isn’t coming into my work disrespecting me and not getting it back. I explained what happened and she said next time he starts crap she will send him a ban letter.. there is plenty of other gas stations he can go to beside ours.

I was exhausted by the end of the day. I delivered a mask I sewed to a client and went home to sleep. Stacy asked me to sew her 2 more masks but when I tried my sewing machine started tangling the stitches. I was so angry I gave up.

Yesterday I went to a picnic with my husband and my best friends. Tella was having a crisis because she realized besides being a mom she has done nothing with her life. Gwen and me hugged Tella tried to comfort her.

At the picnic a man criticized my ability to sew told me I needed to quit my 2 jobs and find a real job. I rolled my eyes at him.he does tarot readings professionally for a living. Now I am impressed he can pay his bills by doing that only but I seriously question what was his side hustle to pay his bills. One cannot pay bills by tarot alone he is hiding something. Does he live off the government? Does he have a nice office job? Does he work retail? Does he live off his partner? Sometimes I wish I could get the full story.

i almost quit sewing due to one mans criticisms then I realize he doesn’t matter.. I am happy sewing. I need to improve my skills but I hope someday to sew wedding dresses professionally for a living. I want to create my own unique line of clothing for others to enjoy. I want to design and wear my own clothes. This will not be an overnight success.. that is ok. Oracle you might see the future but the future isn’t set in stone.

I am going to find a masterclass to help me build my skills. I am trying to do more than masks.. I got to figure out what makes me happy.

I work 12-9 today. I think I am going to eat wings and relax till work..

Kristi1971 May 23, 2021

If are happy when you sew, then sew sew sew! If someone is that critical, you are probably not sewing for him/her anyway. You sew for you and your customers. :) Hugs.

Rivercity May 23, 2021

I had a really old guy ask where he could buy a WWII quonset hut for cheap. Actually, you haven't been able to do this since the '50s, I learned, although the military does have other fabricated types of buildings for sale. He was skeptical.

Mr. Mofo May 23, 2021

This entry has EVERYTHING.

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