25 in Far from Home

  • June 10, 2021, 5:51 a.m.
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Frieda waited in a sitting area on the boat’s deck in anticipation of her friend showing up with Nicole in tow.

She didn’t like the way her heart rate sped up when she spotted them pulling up in the marina but that’s exactly what it did.

She watched as the four of them exited Hans and Irene’s car. She recognized Adele’s tall, slender frame and black hair exiting behind Hans. Finally, a petite woman with dark auburn hair got out from behind where Irene had been sitting. She couldn’t tell much more from the distance she was other than that she seemed to have beautiful long curly hair.

Upon closer inspection, she definitely liked what she saw but was determined to keep her distance. She had no desire to reconnect in any way with the chatty, whiny pain in the ass that dared to disagree with her one too many times. Everybody had a right to be who they were, but they were just too different to really get along. Different people from very different worlds.

Once they were on the boat she began chatting with Adele and Irene as Hans guided Nicole down below.

A few minutes later, they came back up to the deck and crossed paths at the starboard side. Frieda was determined to keep up her stay-away-from-me appearance but during the split-second they locked eyes, she couldn’t deny that Nicole was a very good-looking woman. But good-looking or not, that wasn’t about to influence the fact that she wanted nothing to do with her. They simply couldn’t be friends much less anything more.

She fixed herself a drink, wondering if this would be a vacation she was going to regret.

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