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  • June 6, 2021, 11:42 a.m.
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Just two days after sending my letter to Forrest, I received a reply. I quickly tore open the letter in anticipation of some more information as to what was going on with his case.

Hey babe,

I was just about to write you a letter when I received yours. Just read it and now I’m writing this and will send it out today. So, so tremendously glad to hear from you! It truly lifted my spirits. You know you are very special to me and you always will be.

As I know you know, they’re accusing me of murdering India and dumping her in the ocean but that’s not what happened. They don’t even have evidence that she was even murdered to begin with because her body was badly decomposed when found. Either one of two things happened and that’s that she either had an accident and drowned or someone else killed her and dumped her body. Although we didn’t get along in the end, I was deeply saddened when I learned of this tragedy. I just didn’t want to pass my sorrow on to you even though I no longer loved her.

They have been trying to make a case against me ever since it happened, and I was afraid this day would come. I feared that when they kept coming up empty-handed and couldn’t prove anything, they would put the blame on me. But that’s just the thing… They can’t prove a thing. Therefore, I am very confident that I will be out of here soon. Unfortunately, soon doesn’t mean a few days or weeks but probably a few months.

I know my mother moved my stuff out and as I told her, I’m really upset she did that. I have money in savings. You and I both could have paid to keep a roof over your head until I got out of here. I’m sorry my own mother doesn’t have a little more faith and belief in me but she’s just a die-hard pessimist who is like this with everyone. I try not to take it personally, but it does kind of hurt. And now my dear special lady has been put out as well.

But I WILL get out of here. I promise! So, you’re going to Germany? I understand you going there while I’m stuck here but I’ll gladly come and get you when I’m out. Then we could both head down to Thailand and just fuck this place forever. What do you say, babe? Keep in touch every few days or so.

All my love,

I put the letter down with a slew of varying thoughts spinning around my brain, one of them being the fact that he never asked me how I was doing or anything like that. It was all about him. Him giving me promises I wasn’t so sure he could keep. Honestly, I didn’t know what to believe anymore. I really didn’t.

I folded the letter with a deep sigh. I wasn’t sure what to do next. A part of me wanted to leave for Germany right then and there and to hell with the fact that the place was paid for until the end of the month, but I’d already made specific arrangements with Adele. I didn’t want to put her out any more than I already had by changing things around. So, I would just stay put and wait as patiently as I could for the next few weeks to pass.

Guinevere gave me rides every few days to the grocery store and often invited me for dinner. Not wanting to take advantage of her but also not wanting to seem rude or ungrateful, I accepted some of her offers and was sure to help with the clean-up afterward.

I watched the news regularly but there really wasn’t anything new to learn. There were things I suspected that weren’t made public, so I didn’t know exactly what the Norwegian police had for evidence. I read a little about how the legal system worked in the country, but I really couldn’t say how long it would take for the outcome of Forrest’s case. Forrest seemed pretty confident that he would be released but then so did many prisoners. Did he really believe it was all just one big misunderstanding that would be cleared up in the end? Or was he just a guilty, smug, arrogant guy who was only kidding himself?

An even bigger question was whether or not Forrest was truly guilty as charged.

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