17 in Far from Home

  • June 5, 2021, 10:28 a.m.
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“Are you out of your mind?” Frieda asked her friend in German.

“I don’t think so,” responded Adele. “She seems rather harmless despite your personalities clashing and it’s only temporary.”

Adele told Frieda everything Nicole had told her.

Frieda hated the fact that Nicole had befriended some of her Facebook friends. So for her to actually be going to stay with one of them, even if it was in another town, greatly disturbed her. Nicole had been fun in an eccentric kind of way, but she had come to really loathe the woman in the end. Nicole came across as hateful and judgmental even though she had her own judgy moments. She got tired of the weirdo’s regular whiny messages and complaints about life and the world in general. Besides, the lady was weird. Just plain weird. Frieda was a very ordinary person and she preferred those around her to be the same. She just wasn’t used to the oddballs of the world, and admittedly, she didn’t have the patience for them either.

And now she was coming to Germany to stay with her friend. She’s supposed she shouldn’t let it bother her because people had a right to do what they wanted but she couldn’t help but feel bothered by the thought of it. It was like she wanted to take things from her or at least share them, as strange as it may sound. First, she became friends with a few of her friends, including some family members, and now she was going to stay with one of them.

Frieda was sorry that Nicole had lost her husband and suffered such loss and tragedy, but she had no place in her life. Or her friends’ for that matter.

“Just be careful,” Frieda warned Adele.

“If she’s any problem I will tell her to leave. Meanwhile, she’s going to be staying in the guesthouse and not in the house. She’s also going to pay upfront each month.”

Frieda made of snorting sound of sorts.

“What has she done that I should be so worried about? You said all she did was come across as judgmental and that she was a pest at times with numerous long messages. You never said she threatened you or harmed you in any way.”

“No, but the whole thing just feels weird. I know it’s your life and you have a right to do what you want with it, but it just makes me uncomfortable and even worries me a bit. Neither of us ever really knew her. We never met her face-to-face.”

“No, but you would have while you were still friends if you could have.”

“Perhaps. But that was then and this is now.”

“I can understand where it might feel a bit weird with you two being friends in the past and now with her coming here and all that.”

“Yeah, you could say it’s a bit strange alright. Maybe my hatred is overkill and irrational but the thought of her makes me grit my teeth with anger.”

“Never fear, my dear. For I have plenty of friends and family coming and going so it’s not like I’m always alone, and I can and will get rid of her if need be.”

“Yeah, whatever.”

“Perhaps I’ll send her down to you if I decide I don’t want her here,” Adele finished with a laugh.

“Don’t even think of it!”

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