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  • June 4, 2021, 11:28 p.m.
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The last one I was expecting to get a reply from was Adele Müller. But there she was, right before my very eyes, asking for more information.

Certainly, she’s just curious, right? I ask myself. Nonetheless, I filled her in as best as I could.

Adele, who spoke English almost as well as Frieda, gave me the surprise of my life when she offered to let me stay in her guesthouse behind her property for as long as I needed.

I was more stunned than pleased by the offer. And of course I would prefer a separate guesthouse than a room in a person’s house, even though while I wasn’t attracted to Adele in the way I had been with Frieda, I was intrigued by the thought of meeting her and getting to know her.

All we needed to do was negotiate a price. I told her about the lawsuit. She was already aware that I lost Greg because she saw the post about it and sent me virtual condolences from overseas.

So, we discussed it and agreed on the rent and then she gave me a link to a website on which to book a flight since the journey would take too long by train. As I told Adele, I wouldn’t have much money until my next payment which I received online. She assured me that would be no problem.

I also wanted to give Guinevere some notice, so we agreed that I would spend the rest of the month in Forrest’s place, and then I would fly to Germany using what I would have given Forrest for August’s rent, along with some of my savings.

Once again, my excitement was renewed at the thought of actually meeting Adele and visiting a new country, even if it too, would have a crappy climate. Furthermore, she wanted a little less in rent than Forrest had. Separate or not, this did kind of make sense since I would only be getting a small room, kitchenette and bathroom. Not access to an entire apartment.

But I was still concerned for Forrest and wondered just how much of what I read was true. I wanted so badly to see him, but I didn’t want to go against his mother’s wishes either. Therefore, I decided to send in a letter instead.

I called Forrest’s mother to let her know of my plans and that I would continue to honor her wishes not to see Forrest unless he asked me to see him but planned to send a letter. She had no objections but asked that I not touch any of his remaining belongings before she was able to remove them.

I told her that would be no problem. But then my curiosity was piqued. What could he have that she didn’t want her touching? If it was just innocent things like clothing, kitchenware and toiletries, then what was the problem? Perhaps she was thinking of legal documents or something like that? Maybe she didn’t want me pulling his birth certificate from a drawer or something and then misplacing it or accidentally spilling something on it.

Ah, fuck Forrest’s mother. I was going to find out what remained in the apartment. Unless Forrest had hidden cameras, no one would know I went snooping around. I had been too upset to consider doing so until now. But with renewed hope for my future, even if it was as unexpected as meeting Forrest and maybe even more so, it couldn’t hurt to take a little peek.

So, before I began my letter to Forrest, I began my search. There wasn’t much to go through to begin with since the guestroom was virtually empty, and there wasn’t much in the living room that I couldn’t see just glancing around the room. Didn’t seem to be any place in the living room to hide anything. Nothing had drawers or cabinets.

I went through the kitchen and found it to contain the usual things you would expect to find in a kitchen.

It was when I went through the bedroom closet that things got a little interesting.

I pulled a laptop off of the shelf and fired it up. Up came the desktop with several file folders against a background shot of his beloved motorcycle.

It was what I found in those folders that had me a bit surprised that the police hadn’t sought a search warrant and confiscated it.

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