13 in Far from Home

  • June 3, 2021, 5:50 a.m.
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Guinevere sat with me for about an hour the night Forrest was taken away. I was too stunned for words at first. Guinevere did her best to comfort me and assured me that I was welcome to stay as long as I wanted. She said that if I found the rent hard to swing, some kind of arrangement could be worked out. Like maybe I could clean for her or something.

I appreciated Guinevere’s understanding and generosity, but I really would have appreciated it even more if I could know what the hell Forrest had been arrested for.

Remembering how he said something didn’t quite happen in the way I would hear it would, I asked Genevieve if she had any idea what he might’ve been referring to.

She insisted she was as clueless as I was and gave me no indication to believe she wasn’t being honest with me.

“Murder?” she asked. “Are you sure that’s what he was arrested for?”

“That’s what he said it was for,” I told her. “Couldn’t understand when they were speaking Norwegian, but Forrest told me and blunt English that he was being arrested for murder and that it didn’t happen the way I would hear it did.”

Guinevere’s brows knitted with surprise and confusion. “Hmm… I have no idea. I can’t believe Forrest would harm anyone, but you know, Nicole, it isn’t like I’m his mother or anything like that. I don’t know him well and I’ll admit that. I only know I’ve rented this place to him for almost two years and when I checked his record when he acquired about this place, nothing was there.”

We sat silently together for a moment, each lost in her own thoughts and then I said, “He would never talk about his ex-wife. What can you tell me about her?”

“Practically nothing. He said the marriage was very brief. He was newly divorced and that’s why he was looking for a place.”

“Where did he live before?”

“I don’t know exactly. I know it was with her, but I don’t know her name or where they lived. Pretty sure it was somewhere in town, though I just don’t know where.”

I yawned deeply.

“For now, it’s late and I think we both need to get some more sleep, as hard as it may be, so we can hopefully get some information tomorrow that will tell us more about what’s going on.”

I agreed and we both rose from the couch. It wasn’t that I wanted to sleep. That was the absolute last thing on my mind no matter what my body was saying. I needed to be alone with my thoughts and come up with a plan. I was hoping that tomorrow I would find that it had all been one big misunderstanding or that the charges were a lot less serious than Forrest said they were, even though I doubted it.

I had to be realistic. I had to assume he wouldn’t be home anytime soon and that if he was, it wouldn’t be for very long, and so I needed to come up with a plan. I had to figure out what I was going to do with my own life and where to go. I hated to think I’d lost Forrest to whatever legal jam he was in and that whatever we had was over, but I had to face the fact that that was a distinct possibility.

So…where the hell would I go? I didn’t want to stay in Norway even if I already had a place and a nice landlady because I hated the climate and didn’t really know anyone well enough to consider a friend.

Thailand was also out of the question. The last thing I wanted to do was go to a foreign country by myself with no trusted friend to meet me there. I didn’t care how great the climate may be, how cheap it was, or how many fun things were going on there. Didn’t exactly want to go home either. I just wanted to know what the hell was going on!

My mind cycled between all the cyber friends I had in Europe. Even though I didn’t want to remain in Europe, it was a lot closer than my homeland. There were a few different people I could contact but I didn’t expect much help there since we were friends in the sense that we kept in touch regularly, but we weren’t exactly best buddies either. I didn’t know what to expect where that was concerned but soon I would find out.

Deciding I really did need at least a few more hours of sleep after all before I sent Facebook messages to anyone, I turned off the lights and trudged down the hall and got into bed.

His bed.

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