11 in Far from Home

  • June 2, 2021, 5:26 a.m.
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Forrest rested his cheek upon the head of his favorite lady. Then he lifted his head just enough to smile down at the sleeping American by his side who was fast stealing his heart as the drone of the airplane’s engines whirred on.

He was feeling more and more confident that the past would remain in the past and that there was a decent future ahead for him after all.

He yawned and reclined the back of his chair further, already bored with the long flight ahead. He hoped he would doze off for a while since it would be quite some time before they arrived at his friend’s condominium just outside Bangkok. The twelve-hour flight was sure to leave them both exhausted.

Finally, they could stretch their sore, stiff legs and exit the plane. What freedom it felt like after so many hours cooped up as they had been!

They were then greeted by Abdalla, an African native who had migrated to Thailand a few years ago. Abdalla had spent his youth in Africa and then spent some time in both England and Norway before finally settling in Thailand. He married and had a couple of kids in London and life was good for a while. But when his janitorial business went under and he took to the bottle a little too much, his wife took their kids to Oslo. He eventually sobered up and followed them there but was unable to reconcile with his wife. He soon drifted over to Bergen, taking on an assortment of odd jobs until he longed for a place that was both warmer and cheaper.

He introduced Nicole to Abdalla who politely clasped her hands in his, kissing the palm of her hand and saying, “So nice to meet the lovely lady after all the wonderful things I’ve heard about her.”

Nicole smiled and Forrest delighted in how amazed she seemed to be, gazing around and drinking up her very foreign surroundings.

The drive was sluggish in the city and then smooth sailing as they headed toward not so much a rural area but an area that was definitely less crowded.

“What do you think so far?” Forrest asked from the front seat of Abdalla’s car.

“Well, I sure see a lot of palm trees,” Nicole answered.

Both men chuckled and Abdalla eventually pulled into a large parking lot of a multi-story building.

A few minutes later, with both men carrying everything and leaving Nicole to carry nothing more than her handbag, they were packed into an elevator and heading up to the eighth floor.

Abdalla’s condo was bright, airy and spacious. It was only a two-bedroom which meant he would be able to sleep with Nicole, assuming she didn’t request to take the couch or ask him to do so. He knew he wouldn’t take advantage of her and he was hoping she would give him the opportunity to prove that.

She did. And the truth was that he couldn’t have been a bad boy even if he’d wanted to be because they were both so exhausted that they practically fell asleep as soon as their heads hit the pillow.

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