The worst things ever in Sweet Dreams

  • May 3, 2014, 1:49 p.m.
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I was reading an entry, and the author said something amounting to, what if the worst thing you had ever done became public knowledge for everything to judge you on? And it made me wonder... what's the worst thing I've ever done?

Of course, it's all subjective.. something might be more 'morally' wrong, or legally, but it might not make you feel as bad as something less wrong by those standards would. For example, I probably feel worse about accidentally hitting a cat (neither legally nor morally wrong, as it was absolutely an accident, and I got it to an emergency care center as quickly as I could) than I do about my consistent habit of speeding, or the clepto spree I had for a while when I was younger. (I was under some bad influences at the time..) I don't generally talk about that time.. It's one of my not-so-proud moments in history.

Then you come to something like the conversation I had with my friend's boyfriend a couple years back that resulted almost directly in him breaking up with her. I've never told her about that conversation, not wanting to hurt her, even though she said later that the relationship was abusive (I highly doubt it, he seemed like a really nice guy... and she is a boatload of crazy.) I had nothing to gain from them breaking up, but I knew they were both miserable, and my actions brought about the break up. I didn't lie or mislead him; I basically told him that they were both unhappy and continuing the relationship was simply cruel and painful to both of them. Was I right? Was I wrong? Hard to say, though I'm sure most people would think it's pretty despicable to have a hand in such a thing, and they're probably right, though I wish now that someone had spoken up or even interfered in some of my past relationships.

I have other, worse transgressions, that even here, I don't wish to disclose. I think I know the worst thing I've ever done, or at the least the thing of which I'm most ashamed. Some secrets are best kept unspoken, held as memories of mistakes made and lessons learned. We all make mistakes, things we're not proud of, moments we wish we could undo, words we wish we could take back. Perhaps we should remember that when we are the one wronged.

I guess my point is that no one is perfect, and forgiveness and understanding can go a long way. Don't forget another's transgressions towards you or those you love, but understand that perhaps they weren't intended maliciously. Even if they were, the past can't be undone; only the future is dynamic and unwritten, and isn't it better to write a future of forgiveness and acceptance than one of bitterness and resentment?


Deleted user May 03, 2014

I think the worst thing I ever did to somebody is something I don't even remember. My crazy friend and I had a falling out when we were about 13. Apparently she was getting depressed and I told her something like 'harden up and stop whining' and that ended things for ages. I think she is still sore about it. I still have the same thought though. I just don't say it out loud to her anymore.

TX Tornado Deleted user ⋅ May 03, 2014

That sounds completely plausible! And your advice is probably still true..

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