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  • May 3, 2014, 5:26 p.m.
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As my titles become more and more obscure and utterly unrelated to my posts, my index looks more and more interesting!

Thomas is home for the weekend! I had to pick him up from post after midnight on Thursday... such fun, after being up since 6am. :P But I'm happy to have him back, even if it's just for a few days. Reducing my work hours is already having a positive effect on life, so I'm pretty happy with that. <3

Let's see.. oh, I think I'm allergic to Bruno's slobber... my arms and hands are breaking out pretty spectacularly. I rubbed them down with benadryl ointment last night and it seems to have helped. Thomas has the same reaction to Bruno, so we're trying to get him to lick less. His nickname, given by me in a sleepy state, is Slobbersnout, so I'm sure you can guess that he's kind of a big drooly boy. J came to see him yesterday, and he was so happy afterwards! I can really see the difference.. they're both depressed to be apart. I'm really glad I stepped up to take him... it would've killed her to lose him. He's no small undertaking... there's drool all over my car and furniture... but it was totally worth it. <3

It's a beautiful day in west Texas. The weather has been pretty amazing, cool and breezy and sunny. I love it! Summer is sure to move into full swing soon enough, so I'm enjoying the unseasonably cool weather while I can.

I went into senior clinic yesterday afternoon so one of them could place some sealants on me to fill their requirements. It ended up taking over an hour, but she did a good job, and I was happy to help her get wrapped up. And hey, if you're young and don't have sealants, get some! They save teeth! Depending on if your wisdom teeth are erupted, you can have 16-20 (out of 32!) teeth sealed to prevent decay in the pits and grooves of the chewing surfaces. Most insurances cover them for kids and teens, but if you don't have decay, it might be worth springing for them.

Ok, enough DH ranting. Thomas and I went to dinner last night, landing on a burger bar after a few false starts. We go in and place our order for burgers and fries. We get our waters, and then we wait. It took forever to get our orders out, so the server brings us a free basket of fried green beans (OMG delicious!) Then he offers us a couple beers (mine was a strawberry cider of some kind... again, OMG delicious!) Our burgers finally come out... and they're not our order. We get our actual order out pretty quick after that , and the burgers and fries were absolutely amazing. We get our check, and the guy only charges us for one burger, making my burger, the fries, the green beans, and the beer free. Suffice to say, he got a pretty good tip. He was very apologetic, even though we weren't particularly perturbed by any of it. Maybe it was one of those times that it was good to stay calm. We'll probably go back, because Thomas loves a good burger, and I'm already craving those green beans and tartar sauce again. Yuuuum.

I have a bunch of work stuff to sort out today and tomorrow... newfangled contraptions making my life harder. Bah! Wish me luck! ;)


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