Last Week Tonight on the COVID vaccine in The Real Pretend Mulling

  • May 3, 2021, 11:12 p.m.
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I just want to make this clear: Tucker Carlson and Alex Jones are morons, and they’re insane. Jones in particular needs to be in the care of a therapist, or at least on a constant IV of antipsychotic medication. (And the fucker drinks while driving. I have ZERO time for him or his “new world order” manic ramblings.)

The COVID vaccine is safe.

Yes, I got my first dose two weeks ago.

Yes, I will get my second dose on May 20th.

No, I don’t care if you think I’m a “sheeple” or “brainwashed” or, //gasp//, a communist for getting the vaccine.

No, you can’t hurt me by leaving stupid notes. You can try your hardest, but the truth is, I’m a big fan of the “block” feature, and I am disgustingly liberal with its use. And, you know, disgustingly liberal/leftist/socialist in general.

Bring it, all y’all obsessive Trump’s diaper-sniffers. To quote my second-favorite anti-hero, Rick Sanchez: “Your boos mean nothing. I’ve seen what makes you cheer.”

simple mind May 04, 2021

John Oliver is the gift that keeps on giving in these post-Jon Stewart times.

Pretend Mulling simple mind ⋅ May 04, 2021


Firebabe May 04, 2021

I got my second dose today. I'll admit it - if I don't grow a second head or a third arm, I'm gonna be very disappointed.

Pretend Mulling Firebabe ⋅ May 04, 2021

I couldn't even use my 5G chip to get internet on either of my flights last week. LAME.

LordJunon May 04, 2021

Be warned: You will get the ability to install windows on everything

lessoff May 04, 2021

oh thanks for posting i meant to watch this last night but then forgot about it.

girl in recession May 04, 2021

I love John Oliver. I've been fully vaccinated for almost 3 weeks now and I feel GRRRRREAT!

Dread Pirate Kosh May 07, 2021

Just you wait until Bill and Melinda start making everyone dance like puppets!!!!!!!!!!

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