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  • May 3, 2021, 7:11 a.m.
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What a busy weekend. I got started on Friday afternoon and did not stop till late on Sunday. I went out for drinks on Friday evening with a friend and we had a great time. Good food, drink and a sleep over to top off a great evening. We went to Willow Tree and had amazing food and beer. They were out of my Bitburger on tap so I had to settle for bottle beer but the rest a great. We called it a fairly early night and went back to his house. Wonderful way to end the week. Saturday started early with a trip to get the U-Haul and we ran into a little trouble with the location not being open. Wonderful lady let us pick it the van even though they were closed and was just so pleasant. Put a positive spin on people in general.
We got two trips to two different dumps. What a way to start the day. It was spectacular. For those who don’t appreciate a good dump run, you don’t know what you are missing out on. Give it a try one day. On top of that we got a trip to IKEA, the second happiest place on earth. For those who don’t know Disney is first. Picked up a ton of stuff that had been out of stock to finish up my daughters room. Got home and put all of it together in before sitting down to help my son with science fair.
Sunday went just as well. With minimal arguing we finished getting my daughter’s room put together; curtains hung, tapestry hung and various other small items taken care of. Now hopefully it will not fill back up with clutter. Worked on the master bedroom for a while. Took down the old curtains to let some light into the room so I could better pick a new color. I am leaning toward a color called Rain Water. I will go well with the current art and the yellow dresser. (first attempt at adding an image)
Scott picked it out while he was at Home Depot one day. How amazing is he to be thinking of me when I am not around.
H and I finished up around 90% of his science fair board. By we I mean him. I am not one of those parents to do it for him. It was a little frustrating at time but in the end he did it himself and I am super proud of him. I am fairly sure it will be the plainest and simplest board but it will be all his.
I hope this weeks goes as well as this weekend did.

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