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  • April 29, 2021, 8:40 p.m.
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Well my manager gave me an update on the possible new position.
The store manager agrees im the best candidate. That both my counterparts up front will be livid i get this job over them. But that im the person who will do the best at it.
Downside… looks like its going to be months before they put the position into play. Im really bummed. It would be monday through friday 7 am to 4. And float wherever im needed if we are over staffed, Do stocking ect.
But im really disappointed that its going to take months. But not only that, im not likely to get a raise. I didnt when i went from part time to full time. Would you be a book keeper and cashier and floater for 12 bucks an hour. Am i under selling myself or are my lack of skills.
The two people i trained this week say im an amazing trainer. That im understanding and patient. But fuck… Im just exhausted.
Maybe next week will be better… I mean if i stick with it i move up and possibly have a chance to move into the corporate end, business end. If i quit i have to find another job. And am i better off? I still feel like i have no skills here. Its almost been 6 months now. And i have no chances to get raises or move anywhere other then adding on responsibility. It makes me wonder is it really worth minimum wage.

music & dogs & wine April 29, 2021

I'm sorry, that sucks. I have been in your spot before. I don't understand companies that want to give you more responsibility and no increase in pay!! Sounds like you could do better elsewhere! Bookkeeping is important and you deserve to be paid adequately for that task!!

ChainedChrysalis music & dogs & wine ⋅ April 30, 2021

I just havent done it before. So i thought perhaps the skill set learning would be valuable elsewhere.

Jinn April 29, 2021

It sounds more like exploitation than a promotion. I think I would stay doing what you are doing: less responsibility , less hours, and less stress. Tell them you need more money to do that. You have skills or they would not be choosing you !

ChainedChrysalis Jinn ⋅ April 30, 2021

Thats what im starting to wonder. I mean i love the hours, love the schedule. But is it worth it. I would be learning bookkeeping which is a skill that could get me a decent job somewhere. But on the other hand, i would be responsible for all the money in the store in a way. Every day counting tills and money in the safe. I mean i would need a background check for that. One would think you would get a raise but i dont think so.

Jinn ChainedChrysalis ⋅ May 01, 2021

You should get a raise. It’s a lot of responsibility for not much money and you are already feeling tired and stressed. As for being responsible for the money; that is a big deal and a big risk. It’s a risk that should be rewarded . I remember how they acted awhile ago when your drawer came up short. They expect a lot but don’t want to give much. Keep making yourself invaluable but if they want more ; they need to pay for it. You do not want to undervalue yourself. :-)

Small Town Girl Jinn ⋅ May 01, 2021

I agree with this.

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