Big Spender in Staying Connected

  • April 28, 2021, 7 p.m.
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Gah, I am so tired for no reason other than I’m pregnant. It sucks. But at least I’m going to get a beautiful baby out of it, eventually.

Good news! We got our federal tax return. YAY! I feel so relieved. I just went on a “big” spending spree (at least it’s big in my world, but hearing about the spending sprees my sister has makes me feel extremely financially conscious by comparison).

I spent $100 on dresses, shoes, and hair accessories for myself and my daughter to wear at our family-maternity photoshoot. I am not sure what I’m going to get for Mother’s Day, but I asked for jewelry so we’ll see. If I don’t get something that will work with our look for the photoshoot, I have some older jewelry that I can use. That’s one thing I fantasize about: one day having a nice collection of high-quality accessories; I’d rather have basic clothes and nice accessories than vice versa.

I also bought my daughter some new summer PJ’s. I think the last time I got her PJ’s was last fall. Her pants are all turning into flood pants, and the weather is warming up a bit, too. So it’s time. I tend to get the least expensive options (eg. buying a set of tops and a separate set of bottoms rather than complete sets).

I also got her a new pair of summer shoes. It’s the FIRST pair of really nice shoes I’ve gotten her in her life. Prior to this, I couldn’t justify spending more than $20 on a pair of shoes. These ones were $29 and came to $40 after tax and shipping, but she helped pick them out and I think they’re going to be a big hit. I ordered them while she was napping one day. When she woke up, I let her know that I ordered them, and she ran over to our shoe shelf to check. It was so cute. They’re supposed to arrive, along with about 85 other things I ordered (LOL) on Friday.

So yeah. Friday I’m expecting 2 dresses, 2 pairs of dress shoes, a pack of hair clips, 4 sets of toddler PJ’s, 1 pair of toddler shoes, 2 Mother’s Day gifts (for mom and grandma in-law), and a pair of bloomers for Morgan. It’s going to be an exciting day.

The last thing I’ll mention is that this morning I had this vision of someday putting together a chronological photo collage over a stairway. It will start with our engagement photos, and then it will have our wedding photos, our first set of maternity photos, our newborn-family photos with Leona, family photos with Leona as a toddler, our maternity-family photos, our newborn-family photos with Morgan, and then it will go from there!

All right. Time for my second client today. Until next time <3

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