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November 21, 2009

OMG, I won a quarter-million dollars!!! We got the news yesterday. I’m still reeling in shock. I just can’t believe it! I never would’ve expected to win so much money! Ari and I agreed to set most of it aside for a bigger house someday when we have a kid. We have a two-bedroom house, but the spare bedroom, which is where I usually use my laptop, is microscopic. The whole place is kind of small. Definitely could use more space when it’s no longer just the two of us.

I keep pinching myself to make sure I really am awake and not just dreaming. I look so forward to buying a house in a few years! Even if we don’t have a kid for whatever reason, it would still be fun to pick out a home together.

So on and off I’ve been pacing back and forth muttering OMG, OMG, OMG. I don’t think I’ll ever believe I won all this money!

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GothicBeauty: Congratulations!
MysticalAngel: Congrats, girl!
jbg194737: Wow, way to go:)
Amie3497: Hey, I’m so happy for you! And envious. House-hunting should be a blast when the time comes.
espressioni: wanna float me a loan?
jammin5465: holy shit datz so cool!!

November 28, 2009

Wow, it took a quarter mil to get more comments than ever, LOL. Thanks, guys! Yeah, Ari and I are looking forward to house hunting within the next few years.

We had a big celebration at Lucia’s house last night. We all ate, danced, talked, laughed and planned up a storm. Lucia hugged me on and off throughout the night and I even got to sit on her lap at one point when the seating space ran short. smiles I liked it, too. In fact, I loved every minute I got to sit on her lap probably as much as when I sit on Ari’s lap, in a similar, yet different kind of way. They are still two entirely different people. They don’t look or act much alike either.

Oh, Lucia, Lucia, Lucia… if you only knew just what a dirty little mind your dear daughter-in-law has! laughs heartily

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GothicBeauty: Bet Lucia was just as delighted to have you on her lap.

November 30, 2009

What, only one comment on my last entry? I must not have won a quarter million bucks that day, LOL.

Well, Goth, I’d say you’re just about my most dedicated fan. But I doubt Lucia liked having me for a “laptop” as much as I liked being the laptop. It still makes for a nice fantasy, though, when Ari’s not around to either engage in carnal delight with or to just simply pleasure me with her presence.

December 1, 2009

Lucia’s having trouble with her ankle lately and might even have to have surgery. Therefore, she won’t be going to gather more crap for the store with Ari this weekend. Instead, it will be Ari and Nara making the trip, and so would I like to spend the weekend with Lucia? Ari asked.

You bet! I told Ari, and she was glad, saying that mom was really hoping I’d want to hang out with her.

I always miss my Ari when she’s gone, but at the same time, Friday night can’t come fast enough!

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GothicBeauty: Ooh, bet she’s just as excited!
Bettina: Have fun! You’re so lucky. Most people hate their MILs.

December 4, 2009

The moment I’ve been looking oh so forward to has arrived, and I’ve been enjoying every minute of it. Lucia’s taking a nap right now, so I thought this would be a good time to do an entry during this peaceful Friday evening. A lot of the cities I’ve visited both in the states and here are really rocking on Friday nights. Music blaring, people shouting; but not here. The silence goes to show yet again just what a tranquil little town this is. If you didn’t know what day of the week it was, you would never know the difference between a Friday night and a Monday night. I like this quiet, laid-back little town. I know most folks my age want to live where all the action is in a city that never sleeps, but not me. I actually like to sleep at night.

So anyway, Nara came to pick up Ari after school with the little cage she keeps at her place for Carina. Fortunately, Lucia’s not afraid of her any more than Nara is. Lucia’s amazed by how smart and friendly she is, and while Ari has acknowledged that yes, she’s very intelligent and loving, she still won’t touch her. She sees rats like I see spiders. There’s nothing cute about them, she insists, saying they look mean and ugly.

Along the way, I said to Nara, “Wow, you get a whole month off from me! You must be thrilled.”

“Nah, I’ll kind of miss you,” she said.

“That one’s both shocking and flattering,” I said with a laugh, and then they dropped me off at Lucia’s place, Ari warning me not to drive her too crazy, Lucia insisting I never could. I hugged and kissed Ari, whispered that she owed me a good scopata (fuck) when she returned, and then it was just Lucia, Carina and myself.

Lucia walks with a slight limp and so I’m quick to offer to get things for her. She laughs, thanks me, then assures me it’s good to exercise it a bit. Before Lucia’s nap, we ordered a pizza and watched some TV. Between us two and Carina, I don’t know who had the most fun!

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GothicBeauty: I can guarantee you it was Lucia who had the most fun!

December 7, 2009

And how does my most loyal fan know that Lucia had the most fun?

Nara and Ari dropped the old crap they bought off at Lucia’s place late Sunday afternoon, then Nara dropped Ari and me off before she went to her own place around the corner almost looking sad. She gave me a look as if to say she missed my staying with her this weekend. Next, Ari and I had that much-anticipated scopata and took a shower together, her complaining I like the water too hot, me that she likes it too cold.

Ari crashed early and so I’m getting caught up on my writing before I crash as well.

To finish up with my weekend at Lucia’s, it was fun, but strange in some ways. I don’t know what it was. I can’t quite put a finger on it, but sometimes I’d catch her staring at me in the strangest of ways. What it was I saw in her eyes, I don’t know. It’s like she wasn’t very readable. I guess she just gets lonely and really values having company around whenever she can get it.

What sucked was that I just had to go and have a nightmare while I was there on Friday night. One that caused me to cry out as it was waking me up. It woke her up as well, and she came into the guest room and calmed me down. Then she said, “Why don’t you get into bed with me? You’ll feel better.”

Well, I didn’t think sleeping with a woman in her 50s would make me feel better, even if she does keep a gun in her nightstand, but it did. I was afraid it would feel weird and that I would be uncomfortable, but I wasn’t. Then again, I do snuggle up next to Nara at times when I’m with her because I hate the couch, and if I didn’t know any better I’d never know there was a person lying next to me except for when we end up laying alongside each other in our sleep. I don’t know if Ari would like this, even though it’s family and not lovers, so I haven’t said anything. If they have themselves I wouldn’t know it.

Anyway, Lucia and I lay on our sides, my back against her stomach. With her arm draped protectively over my side, I fell asleep feeling very safe and very loved, much as I do with Ari. The only difference is that Ari’s my hubby and we fuck.

Saturday night, as we were preparing for bed Lucia said, “Ok, Sugar Bella (her nickname for me), I’m going to be turning in now for the night and you’re welcome to either slip in next to me if it’d make you feel more comfortable, or you can take the guest room again if you’d prefer that.”

I couldn’t have made myself hit the spare bed if I tried!

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Bettina: Sorry you had nightmares, but glad you have a MIL that loves you and cares enough to make you feel better when the night terrors bite.
GothicBeauty: How do I know she had the most fun? I just know.

In Italian, Lucia Delgado chatted with her two oldest daughters in her spacious, but cozy kitchen.

“The story is so good that I almost slipped last night and complimented Melina on how well it’s going and how much I can’t wait to read the rest of it once it’s done,” said Ari.

Lucia and Nara laughed, and Nara said, “Imagine Rena’s reaction if she read it?”

More laughter.

“Yes, I can, Naralinda,” said Lucia. “Especially since she’s portrayed as such a negative character.”

“Well, ma, you didn’t expect her to make her anything else what with the way they always fuss and fight, did you?”

Another round of laughter and then a melancholy silence fell over the threesome. Ari’s expression turned particularly sad.

“What’s wrong, Ariella?” asked her mother.

Keeping her eyes downcast as she traced the floral design on her coffee cup with her finger, Ari slowly shook her head sadly, eyes moist with emotion. “It’s just so sad to think of the things she’s been through.”

“I know it is, hun,” Lucia agreed. “But she has you now to make up for it.”

“Each year that goes by that she’s in a loving, stable environment, the past will seem more and more distant to her,” Nara offered.

“I suppose you’re right,” said Ari.

“She may never forget, but she’ll move on and the nightmares will decrease,” Lucia said confidently.

Just then Melina entered the back door, Ricardo close at her heels.

“What’s up, Sugar Bella?” Lucia asked in English.

“I got everything done except for where the tomatoes are. I weeded the entire area around the lettuce and most of the radishes, but the tomato section still needs work.”

“Oh, that’s ok. You’ve done enough for today. Why don’t you go wash up and then come and join us for some of the scrupulous brownies I made.”

Melina washed up, still followed by the dog, then joined the others at the kitchen table.

“Ole Ricky here’s decided you’re his girlfriend for sure,” said Nara, also in English.

“Let’s see if my favorite gardener would like a brownie,” Lucia said in Italian.

“Of course she wants a brownie,” said Ari in a matter-of-fact tone of voice.

“Especially when they’re Lucia’s,” Melina said in Italian.

“Well, enjoy it because I made up plenty,” Lucia said with a loving smile.

After a little more small talk, sometimes in English, but mostly in Italian, Melina and Ari headed home. They went for a leisurely stroll despite the brisk weather, purposely avoiding the street Clara had lived on. Sometimes they walked hand in hand, sometimes Melina ran ahead like a playful puppy full of energy. They showered and made love when they got home and then they cooked dinner together. When evening came, Ari relaxed on the couch and watched TV while Melina played both with her computer and the rat.

Nara entered her cold, dark and lonely little house and immediately went to turn up the heat. A smile crossed her lips when she thought of Melina who was no doubt trying hopelessly to convince Ari to set the thermostat at 82º. Guess all those years in the desert had that effect on a person. Yet she knew that while Ari would insist on 70º, she would probably agree to 72º.

The thing is, so would she. So would she if only – if only – she had been as lucky as Ari had been in capturing the girl’s heart. She wondered if things might have been different had Melina met her first instead of Ari. Maybe they would have ended up together if they’d been the ones to meet first. Or if Melina had been using the damn computer in her room instead of Ari’s.

“Or maybe nothing would have happened at all,” Nara said to herself. “Maybe she wouldn’t have paid the slightest bit of attention to you.”

She thought back on their earlier visit to her mom’s house. She had looked so cute in her pink flowered top and matching shorts. Melina’s looks were very diverse depending on what she wore. She could be cute as a button or as sexy as a centerfold, not that she’d ever seen her wearing as little as a centerfold usually wore. Oh, wait a minute! There was that time when she nearly gave Ari a heart attack when she came out to the pool in that sexy G-string bikini. Well, she may’ve given Ari a coronary and her mother a good laugh, but she’d given her a view to remember for damn sure!

She made dinner and ate, wondering if she should get a pet. Not a dog or a cat that she wouldn’t be around much to care for when she was at school, and that might want Meli’s rat for dinner when it was around, but maybe she’d feel less alone if she got a bird or even some goldfish.

All she knew was that each time Melina stayed with her, she found herself more and more excited by her arrival, and even more saddened by her departure.

After eating, she booted up her laptop and read Melina’s entry for the second week in December. In no time she found herself smiling, her solemn mood no longer an issue.

Until she read the last paragraph.

December 14, 2009

There I go slacking off on my entries again. Work and story writing has kept me really busy.

Thanks for the comments on my last entry, too. Wow, Goth, you really seem to know a lot about what you don’t know!

Ok, so on with this entry. Ari’s still my #1 hottie, and while Lucia’s still hotter than Nara, Nara’s quickly catching up. IDK, maybe because I’ve gotten to know her better it makes her appear more beautiful.

All is going well except for one thing. Something that has me wondering if I’m losing my mind. I even feel crazy writing this, but here goes: I feel like I’m being watched. Yes, seriously watched. I’m not kidding. I swear someone’s watching me. But am I just losing it? Or am I paranoid because I have every reason to be but just don’t yet know what that reason is?

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