Chapter 6 in Digital Confessions

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“Ariella would be absolutely flabbergasted if she read this stuff!” Lucia told Nara on the phone Monday evening.

“She sure would be. Sometimes it’s hard to keep quiet about it. Not only is the journal pretty amazing, but what I’ve read of the story so far has me spellbound. It’s incredible!” said Nara.

“Yeah, she is one incredible little lady. I still don’t think we should mention anything to Ari just yet, though. If we tell her, she’s likely to say something to Melina and I don’t want poor Meli feeling invaded. She obviously intended to share her journal and stories with strangers, not those she knows. She would have shared it with us by now if she wanted to.”

“That’s true. Besides, Meli’s a smart girl. She’s got to know that someone she knows or at least knows of, could look her up on Facebook and stumble across the link from there.”

“I think she figures that those closest to her wouldn’t bother. Still, let’s not invade her privacy. Ari may be missing out on some pretty interesting and well-written stuff, but Melina obviously doesn’t want to share it with her. Remember, she wants to be able to call Rena names.”

Nara laughed, then she said, “I agree with you, though, about her not making things up for attention.”

“Oh, she’s almost certainly not playing around. People that make up stories for attention often do it for the attention of those they’re close to – or supposed to be close to – not just anybody.”

“Yeah, I see what you mean. Ok, well, I think I’ll get going soon and start unwinding for bed. Having that girl here all weekend can really wear a person out.”

Lucia laughed. “Just think, Ari does it all week long.”

“But she works during the daytime.”

“You have a point there. Ok, I’ll go and see how us so-called cops are closing in on Queen Rena in the next chapter of her story.”

Nara laughed again and then they said goodnight to each other.

Once Nara hung up the phone, she yawned and then headed into the bathroom to brush her teeth. Next, she laid out her outfit for the following day and prepared her satchel for school. Lastly, she got into bed.

The place was deathly quiet. Already she missed Melina’s bubbly laughter and energetic footsteps running through the place. While most people would be glad to have the peace and quiet restored, she missed Melina’s vivacious ways that brought the place to life.

She almost smiled to herself and shook her head. It was rather amusing that while Melina had a thing for mom, she herself had a thing for Melina. She just hated to admit it. Even to herself. But Melina was gorgeous and people often stopped to drool over her beauty with either lust or envy when she would pass by.

July 16, 2009

I was thinking of cutting my hair which just about covers my ass now. It’s all one length, too. So perhaps I’ll take it up to my waist and cut my bangs back. At least that way it won’t be in my face so much of the time or so heavy.

I thought Ari would be tired after being on the road. It’s nearly a two-hour drive to and from the city they get their old shit from to haul back and sell. Yet she was actually quite energetic and we had a very romantic evening. She brought back some seafood take-out for us to feast on. Then we took a bubble bath together and then we fucked.

But now it’s back to the usual grind of her going to school and coming home to either grade papers or watch TV. Hey, it must not be the weekend anymore!

To make up for it, I enjoyed working with Lucia. God, that woman is so hot in her own way! Not that Ari herself isn’t a hottie. It’s just in a very different way. And their personalities are so different too, that you’d never think they were mother and daughter.

The only time Lucia made me uncomfortable was today when she asked what my childhood was like. I mean, what could I say? That I grew up in cheap little motels with my hooking mom who eventually lost her mind and killed 4 people before she killed herself?

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GothicBeauty: Sorry she put you in such an awkward spot, but at least she makes for wonderful eye candy to fill in those non-intimate moments with Ari, doncha think?

July 20, 2009

Ah, it’s Friday night! I look forward to a great weekend of great sex and going to Lucia’s place.

Wish I had more to say right now. After all, I am in a writing mood. Guess I can answer the question I received in a private message. What kind of person I am, they want to know.

I guess you could say I’m a little of everything. I’m selfish and cold yet compassionate and generous. I’m unique yet ordinary. I’m complex yet simple. I love to laugh yet I can be quick-tempered as well.

July 22, 2009

Sometimes I wish I could make copies of myself much like one can make MP3 copies of songs. I’d leave the original copy here with Ari, send a copy to Lucia, and maybe – just maybe – give another copy to Nara, though I’m sure Lucia and Nara wouldn’t appreciate the copies!

The weekend was as fun as I hoped it would be. We met over at Lucia’s place and hit the pool. The queen bitch had to be there too, but at least Armando and the boys are tolerable enough to be around. Armando’s the quiet type, but I think that’s because his wife does more than enough talking for the both of them, and of course, the boys are just boys.

Where it gets funny is that I talked Ari into letting me take Carina over (with Lucia’s help) and not surprisingly, Rena was creeped out by her. The kids wanted to play with her, but she wouldn’t let them. Armando and the others all held and patted her at one point. Ari and Rena are the only chicken-shits of the family, you could say, which is strange at least for Ari. Ari isn’t afraid of much else and often laughs when I go freaking out when I see a spider in here. The site of me running through here and demanding that she be the one to deal with killing the thing is just really damn hilarious to her for some reason.

Even funnier is when Rena, Armando and the boys had to leave to go see some friends they were planning on seeing, and I started down the pool steps with Carina on my shoulder after running inside to pee. Of course, Ricardo was tied up so he couldn’t mess with her. Ari was facing Lucia and Nara so she didn’t see me right away. When she did, she demanded I put her back in the house and in her cage. “Ma lei ama il nuoto,” I insisted. (but she loves to swim)

The others were laughing while Ari sort of sighed shook her head and rolled her eyes. Then they were laughing hysterically while Ari was watching with disgust as she swam around in a little circle. Next, I placed her by the pool’s edge. One problem, though. Rats really like to swim and they swim very well. So she dives in a few minutes later and starts swimming towards Ari real fast who’s now shrieking, “Oh, il mio dio!” (Oh, my god!) and scrambling out of the pool, leaving the rest of us laughing like hyenas. OMG, it was so fucking funny! I wish to hell it had been videoed, it was so damn funny.

Even though I towel-dried Carina off and caged her, Ari refused to swim anymore because she left a few duties behind floating on the water’s surface.

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patrickjones: Hilarious entry!
GothicBeauty: Have you figured out who I am yet, Princess Melina?

July 23, 2009

Oh, yes, Goth. I got you figured out a long time ago as to who you are. You’re crazy! Happy now?

So it was swimming yesterday for Carina and roller-blading for her today. Yes, I took some of the money Lucia’s been giving me for helping her out and got myself a pair of blades. Surprised Ari, Nara and Lucia with how well I skate, too! I told them that if most people can do it, I probably can’t. If most people can’t do it, I probably can. Anyway, I had Carina on my shoulder at one point, but of course, I didn’t do any jumps or spins and risk us both falling.

They had me cracking up by saying I’m probably the only one in the world to have skated with a rat on her shoulder. Yup, I probably am! LOL

July 26, 2009

Well, I would say my family cop story is progressing nicely. I just posted the latest chapter if anyone is interested in checking it out.

I wish I had more to say right now, but I don’t. Life has fallen into a comfortable, but predictable routine that I’ve gotten pretty used to.

Ari goes to school all week.

I work with Lucia.

Ari watches TV at night.

I hit the internet.

Then every other weekend we fuck or I stay with Nara.

That’s my life, folks. It would be perfect if Ari would just be a little more intimate during the week, but I know that Ari is who she is. No sense in trying to change her. I would only want her to initiate sex more often because she wanted to. Not because I asked her to.

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idonotgiveadamn: Sex on an ask-only basis may suck, but at least your other half can perform. Mine doesn’t know what the hell he’s doing and it gets old. Makes one feel kind of inadequate. You’re right, though, she should want to have sex with you more often and not do it simply as a courtesy to you and I don’t suppose discussing it with her would do much good. Initially, it might, but in time I think she’d slip back into her old ways. We all have different appetites for sex, my friend, just as we do for food.

July 27, 2009

Thanks for your input, idonotgiveadamn. You’re probably right, too.

I hope I’m wrong, but why do I get the feeling my MIL knows I have a crush on her? Ok, so it’s not like she would come out and shoot me for it. Her daughter’s gay and she – like the rest of the family – is pretty liberal. They don’t seem to mind who’s who. Rena may not like Americans much, but she and the others are still pretty tolerant and accepting of different people. And that’s a real plus for being in Italy. A lot of the country can be rather hateful as opposed to other parts of Europe. Things are loosening up, but Italy still has a long way to go as a whole compared to places like Spain and England.

Nevertheless, the idea of Lucia knowing I like her in ways that most don’t like their MILs is an awkward one. I think I would be more uncomfortable to know she knows I like her than she would be to know I like her.

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GothicBeauty: Well, my pretty one, if dear old MIL knows, she obviously can’t be too offended by it. She still lets you work with her, doesn’t she?

July 28, 2009

I suppose you’re right, Goth.

As if having a great but sometimes not very attentive husband and a crush on my MIL and an I’m-not-sure-what kind of thing for my SIL is wild enough, I get surprised by realizing I have yet another crush. The only difference is this one’s definitely mutual. It’s obvious just by the way we look at each other. Again, it’s fun but frustrating!

Her name is Clara. She’s tall, dark and lovely. She says she’s always had a thing for Americans.

“Why not Brits then?” I asked her.

“What do you mean?” she asked back.

“Well, we all look the same, you know.”

“Yeah, I know, but don’t know why I feel the way I do. Guess it’s just something about you Americans and the way you talk.”

Clara lives a few blocks away from Ari and I. Oftentimes when I’d be out running or just taking a leisurely walk by myself she’d be sitting out front and we’d start talking. She works second shift, so I still see her in the morning before Lucia picks me up if I can get my ass up and myself functional enough to go out running early enough. I usually sleep in till 10:00, take an hour to wake up and shower, then another to go out running or do whatever cleaning I may want to do around here before Lucia gets here. I still like to cook for Ari too, so sometimes I cook in the mornings. I just have to refrigerate or keep whatever I’ve cooked in the warmer since it will be hours before we eat. And sometimes I just wait till she gets home to start cooking.

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GothicBeauty: Are you going to engage in anything serious with Clara?
MysticalAngel: Wow, girl, you sure are busy with Ari and all those crushes, LOL!
True2u1993: I used to live in Italy and loved it. Now I’m back in London.
Bettina: I hope you’re having fun with your array of crushes. Just remember, feeling the warmth of the fire is one thing, letting yourself get third-degree burns is another.

July 31, 2009

Hey, thanks for all the comments, guys! laughs I won’t let myself get burned. I better not anyway. I’d like to think my brain is smarter than my raging hormones!

But yes, seeing Clara is fun. In fact, I’ve been making a point of running more often in the mornings – hey, it keeps me in shape – and she’s been making a point of happening to be out front when I go by. We’ve sort of established a meeting time and that’s usually around 10:30. She only speaks Italian and has been here all her life. I wear my new watch so I’m sure not to spend more than 15 minutes chatting with her and neglect my other duties.

I guess that’s it for now. I was going to reveal yet another secret about me, but I guess it will just have to wait. I’m not really in the mood at the moment, and I want to go see if I can manage to get Ari interested in some midweek sex.

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GothicBeauty: I’m jealous of Clara. I think I’m worthy of the biggest of all your crushes.

“Any idea who Clara might be?” Lucia asked Nara that night when they talked on the phone.


“Yeah, haven’t you read that entry yet?”

“No. I’m only up to July 26th, I think it is. Who’s Clara?”

“That’s what I’m wondering. Lives a few blocks from her, so she says.”

“The name sounds familiar,” said Nara.

“Well, I just hope little Meli can control herself like she thinks she can. This is not only yet another person she’s hot for, but apparently, this Clara person likes her as well. They see each other every time Meli jogs by her place, and Clara makes a point of being outside just for the occasion.”

“Uh-oh. Those naughty young hormones.”

“Yep,” Lucia said with a sigh. “I’m really curious, though, so if you figure out who this is, do let me know.”

“Ok. I’ll get reading more soon enough and let you know if anything rings a bell.”

“She mentions her on the 28th.”

“Ok. I’ll catch up tonight, then tomorrow we’ll start August.”

“Sounds like a plan,” Lucia said before she and her daughter talked about a slew of other topics.

“Oh, wait!” Nara suddenly exclaimed about ten minutes later. “Clara Esposito. It just hit me that that’s probably who she’s referring to. She lives on La Barbera Street.”

“Oh, does she?”

“Yeah, she’s some kind of machinist. At least I think that’s what she said she is.”

“What do you mean? Have you two actually met?”

“Just from strolling around the neighborhood and making small talk, but yeah, she’s some kind of machine operator. But nothing else good or bad stands out about her. She just seemed rather ordinary to me.”

“Well, let’s just hope that Melina doesn’t end up finding her a little more than just ordinary as we read on,” said Lucia.

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