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July 8, 2009

I have to type very slowly right now because part of my right hand is bandaged up. Yeah, Ari was rather alarmed to come home from school today to find me standing there with Adelina and with my hand all bandaged up. I burned it when I was pulling the casserole dish out of the oven a half-hour earlier. I knew she was outside (watering, as usual) and so I went flying out of here in a panic and she put some ointment on it and bandaged it up.

When I got out of the shower later on in the evening, Ari was on the phone talking to Lucia. “How do you feel about the idea of working with mom in the afternoons?” she asked me in Italian. “Since you typically sleep in till 9:00 or 10:00, she could pick you up after lunch at around 1:00, then I’ll pick you up on the way home from school.”

Without really thinking much about it, I just shrugged and agreed to this arrangement. I’m pretty sure that after 3 fights, 1 blasting stereo, and a burned hand, that it’s their way of giving me less of an opportunity to get into any more trouble. If I’m alone for a few fewer hours a day, then that’s a few fewer hours they have to worry.

I’m actually quite excited about the idea, the more I think about it.

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PixieDust99: Hello from back in America! I live in Texas. Love some of these Italian names you’ve mentioned, but not sure how to pronounce some of them, like Lucia. I would like to learn Italian eventually.
GothicBeauty: Have you ever been with anyone before Ari?

July 9, 2009

Ciao, Pixie Dust! Lucia pronounces her name sorta like lee-see.

And speaking of the kind and elegant Lucia, I began “working” for her today. I told her she didn’t have to give me anything and that I enjoy helping her out (even if she’s really helping Ari out), but she insists on giving me $20 a day.

Lucia is so cool. She is just so damn cool to hang out with. Sometimes I prefer hanging out with her over Ari because Lucia’s not as serious and has more of a sense of humor. Ari’s not easy to amuse, and while she’s great in bed, she mostly prefers to just watch TV in her spare time. Guess hanging out with a bunch of college brats all day will do that to you.

I’ve never been with anyone before Ari, as someone asked. I’ve kissed a couple of girls and had been hopeful for more, but nothing serious ever came of it. I’m glad it didn’t. Ari’s way better both inside and out than they would have been.

Anyway, the fun I have with Lucia is worth hanging out in an old store selling old shit for a few hours 5 days a week. I gotta wonder, though, why anyone would want to buy some of this shit and how the woman manages to stay in business.

We spent most of the day with her explaining different items to me and how to deal with the customers and what the people in that area are like. Since my Italian isn’t perfect, she has to deal with them more than me. We agree I’d be better at dusting the shelves and the merchandise as opposed to handling the customers and money. She says maybe my cuteness will draw business too, LOL.

After some hesitation, she showed me the gun she keeps by the register, and told me that if anyone came in with bad intentions to just shoot them. Don’t hesitate, don’t try to reason, just shoot them. At first she seemed reluctant to mention having a gun and me shooting it, asking if I was sure I would be ok with the idea of it, and if I even knew how to shoot. I told her that Mitch taught me to shoot out in the desert many years ago. I couldn’t help but wonder how she’d react if she knew about my real mother. I doubt she’d have let me in on the fact that she keeps a gun if she did know. People are just paranoid in that way.

Around 2:30 the store was pretty dead. So she grins conspiringly and says, “I got a secret.”

“What’s that?” I asked, and she told me she had just the cure for boredom. She then ran into the back room and returned a second later with a box of gourmet chocolates.

Wow, Lucia. I have an even bigger secret than you do, and it’s in the present and not the past!

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GothicBeauty: Lucia has some very lovely items in her store. You just don’t have any taste, Melina, my dear.

July 10, 2009

I’ll ignore that comment about Lucia’s store as I’m sure you’ve never been in it before. If you have, though, why don’t you just say so, Goth?

I almost hated to leave Lucia and go home that afternoon when Ari picked me up. Ari didn’t get out of the car. She just pulled up to the curb and I jumped into the passenger seat. Then Lucia locked the store and walked up to Ari’s side. In the only language her daughter knows, she told her I was fun to have around and she would be looking forward to having me help out.

At home that evening, the usual routine unfolded. We ate dinner and then Ari relaxed on the couch by the TV while I did my online thing. By the time bedtime rolled around Ari was too beat to do anything. I’m getting sick of being weekend lovers. It’s too predictable. I’d like more spontaneity in our relationship. Besides, she’s only around every other weekend to begin with.

There was this really funny moment in the store – I was sort of embarrassed too – when I asked Lucia why she was single since she was so beautiful and seemed like such a wonderful person.

She smiled this really big smile and said that she was just going through one of those times when she just wasn’t meeting anyone that she felt made the grade.

I responded by saying that I once heard someone say that when you’re single, no one wants you. When you’re taken, everyone wants you.

“Thanks for reminding me that no one wants me,” she said.

I quickly stammered, “No, no, no, that’s not what I meant!”

But she laughed and said she understood, even though I could feel my face go red as hell. This is when I almost slipped and started to say, “I want you. Seriously, if I were single I’d totally be interested, not that I expect such an elegant woman of high standing and nearly half a century old to want a 21-year-old around who sometimes can’t do anything right.”

So now you know who I have a crush on!

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GothicBeauty: I want to keep you guessing a while longer as to who I am. Sorry, but this is kind of fun.
Sunshine1982: Crushes are fun. Frustrating at times, but fun.
MysticalAngel: I knew it! I just knew it was Lucia. I don’t know how I knew it, but somehow I just did.

July 13, 2009

I guess I’m more predictable and less surprising than I thought I was, but yes, Lucia’s the one I have a totally unexpected, totally fierce, and totally fun and frustrating crush on. I feel happy, guilty and frustrated all rolled into one. I’m frustrated because nothing can ever come of it and I know this. I feel guilty because I am married. Ari may be too serious at times and not very adventurous or as horny as I am, but she’s still a wonderful person who turns me on in every sense of the word. I feel happy because – well – Lucia makes me happy and she is gorgeous. I don’t know how the hell I came to have a crush on my MIL of all people and someone who’s more than twice my age, but I did. Pity I won’t see her for two whole days, but it’s Nara weekend, so I’ll be with her instead. That’s ok, though. I also enjoy her company very much as well.

July 15, 2009

At Nara’s now and having a blast so far. We’ve been laughing, joking, talking, watching movies, baking cookies, and having all kinds of fun.

Sometimes I wonder if we’d be an item if I were single, but I would think she’d want someone who was more “on her level.” Then again, that’s what I would have said about Ari. And that’s exactly the way it was too, before I entered the picture. Ari always got with carbon copies of herself – other older, professional, totally predictable, non-eccentric Italian ladies.

So is this what I’m going to do from now on; analyze people and guess as to whether or not we could have been together? Oh well, so what if I do, right? It’s fun playing guessing games and doing a little “mental detective work.” And I only do it with those who are good-looking, and Nara’s not half bad. Not half bad at all. Ugly assholes like Queen Rena would never be analyzed in such a way, straight or not. That bitch needs to shove a broom handle up her ass!

A few weeks ago I received a private message complimenting my writing and asking if I ever wrote stories with characters based on people I actually know.

Good idea! I thought to myself. So I started a story (the link is on my profile page) starring Ari, Lucia, Nara, Rena and yours truly. Ari, Lucia and Nara are all cops and Rena’s this psycho killer that’s going around killing people in the neighborhood. They use me to help catch her by posing as a would-be victim. Since I’m with Ari in real life, I’m kinda sorta dating Lucia in Never Never Land. I just made her a little younger.

Nara sat back and burst out laughing. Then, as planned, she instant messaged her mother on the evening of Monday night after they’d both had a chance to catch up on Melina’s latest entries from when she began helping out at the store.

Nara: I told you so! How’s it feel to be made a little younger anyway?

Lucia: Funny, Nara, though I don’t mind getting younger.

Nara: What do you think about the idea of her crushing on you?

Lucia: It still comes as such a surprise to me. All this time she’s had a thing for me? I’m flattered, but definitely surprised! I didn’t expect it. Check out the story yet?

Nara: No, because it’s getting late. Damn, I wish I could peel the clock back a few hours! But even if I could, I’m getting pretty tired.

Lucia: So am I. We’ll check it out tomorrow.

Nara: Got a kick out of you thanking her for reminding her that no one wants you.

Lucia: Yeah, she’s got a funny way of saying things.

Nara: It’s unfortunate that she already feels neglected by Ari. Ma, do you think she’ll step out on her?

Lucia: I hope not. And while it is unfortunate that Ari’s not always able to keep up with that girl’s energy, or libido, it is better than her using her fists as she has in the past with those other older, non-eccentric, professional Italians. Until I realized just how much Ari loves her, I was worried about that at first with Melina being as small as she is. If Ari can hurt people twice her size, she could certainly hurt Meli.

Nara: Yeah, and if she does cheat and Ari finds out about it, Ari would probably kill her.

Lucia: I don’t think she’ll cheat. It’s Gothic Beauty I’m more concerned about and I’m sure you are as well.

Nara: I am. I was going to bring that up next. Think there’s anything serious to worry about there?

Lucia: Again, I hope not. Remember, July was 9 months ago, so I would think that if Gothic was local and dangerous in any real way, she’d have come forth by now.

Nara: You have a definite point there. It’s just that Melina’s newfound celebrity status sort of puts her in the limelight for God knows what creatures to come crawling out of the woodwork.

Lucia: So do her looks. But she’s rarely alone, so that helps give me some peace of mind. Thank God too, since I’m getting too old to worry so much like I sometimes do.

Nara: Relax, ma. Melina can’t make you younger in real life, but she can in Never Never Land, LOL.

Lucia: Ha Ha, Nara!!!

Nara: Ok, ok, I’ll quit teasing. Gotta get to bed soon anyway.

Lucia: Me too. Gotta take my vitamins and get some much-needed sleep.

Nara: At “nearly half a century” you should.

Lucia: Real funny.

Nara: LOL, I thought so myself. G’night!

Lucia: G’night!

Lucia shut her computer down and rubbed her tired eyes. Me, beautiful? Elegant? High-standing?

Thinking back on the times she shared with Melina, her crush made sense. She could see it now, considering the way she’d always be so eager to be in her company.

She laughed and almost felt herself blush at the thought. She pictured the lovely young Melina – perfectly exquisite body, sapphire eyes, long lush dark golden blond locks that almost looked light brown when wet and in low lighting.

Lucia had never been attracted to another woman before in her life. But after watching the girl go from cute and girly to gorgeous and womanly in the year she’d been in Italy, she couldn’t deny that she herself felt something. Some kind of unfamiliar but very welcoming feeling.

She took her vitamins and set up the coffeemaker as she normally did before bed, yawned, and then slowly shuffled through the kitchen and into the foyer. She stopped by where she had an array of family pictures hanging on the wall and studied one in which Melina stood smiling.

“Thank you for making my half a century life a little more interesting,” she said aloud. Then she headed up the stairs, a smile present on her face.

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