Chapter 3 in Digital Confessions

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Lucia took her morning coffee and quickly passed by her computer. She knew that if she fired it up to read more of Melina’s journal she’d get so caught up in it that she’d never get to the store.

And so she went through her usual morning ritual and left an hour later, still thinking of Melina’s crush with a smile of amusement.

She didn’t know what it was about the girl or how someone nearly 30 years younger could be so intriguing, but nevertheless, she couldn’t stop thinking about her. She couldn’t wait to get home to learn more yet the day seemed to drag on in slow motion.

When she finally did get home and get settled at her computer after fixing herself something to eat, an instant message from Nara popped up almost right away. It seemed her daughter had been just as eager to get home and get on with reading about the life and times of their newest family member as well.

Nara: Couldn’t wait to get home and read more. Couldn’t stop guessing all day about the secret crush either.

Lucia: Yeah, I hear you on that one, though I still think it’s you, hahaha. I’m up to mid-June and planning on reading some more right now. I’ll send you a message later. First, though, do you and Melina ever email each other?

Nara: Rarely. She knows I’m not big on computers. Does she email you?

Lucia: No. I don’t even know that she knows I have an email address, but that’s ok. I was just curious.

The two women signed off a moment later and Lucia navigated to the journal site as she finished eating. She scanned where she had left off and brought up the next entry.

June 15, 2009

No, it’s not Nara that I have a crush on. I figured that would be most people’s first guess, but nope, it ain’t her. I mean sure, she’s gorgeous. I could picture myself with someone like her had I not met Ari and had I been Nara’s type (and somehow I doubt I am), but she’s not the one. I don’t know if I can bring myself to write about her. Even if this journal was private, the thought of actually writing about it and putting this crush in print seems kind of weird to me right now. Writing things – IDK – almost seems to make them real. Not that the crush isn’t real enough without writing about it, but it seems strange to me when I think of actually going ahead and writing about it. I don’t know why, though. We all have crushes. It’s not like I can help it or like I’ve been unfaithful to Ari. I’m not even sure that I would describe this attraction as being sexual. I’m not sure what it is yet, but something’s there. A part of me wants to suppress it, but another part wants to just run with it and have all kinds of fun playing around in my imagination with her.

Comments: (2)
GothicBeauty: Don’t run with it! Run with me. I have a bigger crush on you and I’m not afraid to say so in print. It kinda looks good to me.
spaz1991: U sure it ain’t Nora?

Another instant message popped up from Nara on Lucia’s screen.

Nara: You’re wrong!

Lucia: LOL. You disappointed or relieved?

Nara: I don’t really feel anything either way. She couldn’t harm me, so I wasn’t worried about the possibility of it being me.

In truth, however, Nara was a little disappointed. The idea amused and even flattered her, so her bubble had been kind of deflated upon learning that it wasn’t her. “Oh, well,” she said to herself. “At least she said she could at least picture herself with me.”

June 16, 2009

Her name is Nara, not Nora. And yes, I’m sure it isn’t her that I have a crush on, LOL.

Gothic Beauty, you must be joking. How can you have a crush on someone you don’t know?

Ari doesn’t seem to like it much when I go out by myself. I guess she worries I’ll get lost, get hit by a car, trip and fall, be the target of a hate crime by American-haters, or just plain old get abducted by aliens. Her paranoia annoys me, but I know she means well. As a compromise to her, I only go out walking or jogging once during the daytime when she’s at school, usually around lunchtime.

“Remember to lock the door! Look both ways before crossing the street!”

Yes, Ari, I know. I know, I know, I know, I know!!! She’s such a nag at times. Ah, but the way she licks my pussy really makes up for it. grins I’ve had crushes on a few people before we met, but I’d never had an orgasm before meeting her. It’s too bad something so incredibly good only lasts for about 20 seconds.

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GothicBeauty: Some people have crushes on celebrities. They don’t know them, do they? So you see, you can have a crush on someone you don’t know, though I am getting to know you somewhat, and I see you nearly every day.

June 17, 2009

Where do you “see” me, Gothic Beauty? In your dreams?

Got in a little squabble today with some bitch in the neighborhood. I was jogging by when she starts screaming at me in Italian much too fast for me to even begin to comprehend. She was about my age. An older woman (maybe her mother?) came running out of the house just as the girl shoved me down onto the ground. As soon as she did this, I didn’t need to understand anything. All I needed to do was teach the bitch that anyone who hits me only does it once, and so I slugged her one real good, busting her lip open right as the older woman, and then a neighbor, pulled us apart.

I ran home from there. The neighbor tried to stop me from leaving at first, but then the older woman hollered something to them and they let me go before I could take out their lip as well.

I told Ari about it a few hours later when she got home and showed her the house the split chick lived in. On the way there, Ari asked if I understood anything that had been said to me.

Just “loca” and “americana,” I told her, figuring it was someone who didn’t appreciate having an American living just a block away.

So Ari demanded that the woman, who by then was all apologetic on behalf of her daughter (if that’s who it really was), explain what had happened. We never saw the split chick herself, but after Ari said what must’ve been some rather harsh words, she stalked off with me following. Ari was so mad I practically had to run to keep up with her.

Comments: (2)
GothicBeauty: I see you in a few different places.
TorturedSole83: She deserved a fat lip! Can I come over and get it on with you while La Professora is at school?

June 19, 2009

I guess some people have no class at all when it comes to online manners and respect. So I better point out that all trolls will be ignored, and if they really get on my nerves, then they get the block user treatment applied to them.

So I think to myself that maybe I shouldn’t go by the crazy bitch’s place, then tell myself that hey, I got a right to go wherever I want! So I went jogging by, the bitch is there raking leaves, and she sticks the fucking rake out and trips me! She tried to anyway. I almost fell, but didn’t. I returned the favor by kicking her nice neat little pile of leaves all over the place, then ran off with her screaming what was no doubt every Italian obscenity in the book.

I thought about it over the next few hours, then decided the bitch wasn’t worth mentioning to Ari when she got home.

But the mother sure thought it was worth it.

Ari called me outside where she and the woman stood talking and asked me what happened. I told her as best I could, even though it took forever. She asked why I didn’t tell her. I said I didn’t think it was necessary.

Then she and the woman said something to each other in Italian that I didn’t get, and Ari motioned for me to follow them to the woman’s house where the split chick was sitting on the front porch. The woman then started shouting at the girl who ran inside crying. It hit me then that this wasn’t so much a case of prejudice against me, but more about the girl being just plain old crazy. I mean literally out of her fucking mind!

Then Ari swooped down and picked up the rake and handed it to me. I took it, although it was with great reluctance, and raked up the leaves I had scattered all over the lawn.

I shoulda busted the bitch’s other lip!

June 20, 2009

It’s Nara weekend, as I call it, so I’m at her place right now. Every other week Ari and Lucia head up somewhere in northern Italy to buy some more crap for Lucia to sell. They decided I’d be better off in Nara’s hair rather than in theirs, and I agree. I’d only be bored shitless. I hate old stuff, but antiques are their thing, especially Lucia’s. Definitely no fun for me, though, in buying a bunch of old shit in shit shops and spending most of the time on the road and cooped up in a car with shit to do. I’d hate to sit still that long!

Ari asked me how I felt about staying alone all weekend and she could tell I didn’t like the idea. Not that I’d be scared to, just lonely. She was relieved when I agreed to stay with Nara who agreed to let me stay with her. Guess this way she doesn’t have to worry about me busting lips and kicking piles of leaves, LOL.

Nara is in the living room watching TV right now. It’s what everyone in the family does in their spare time except for me. They watch TV, I listen to music and write.

I take both my laptop and the rat over here. I’m sitting at the kitchen table now. With the house being just around the corner, I could always run over for anything I might’ve forgotten or that I might want along the way.

Nara had an old cage from when her son had hamsters, so Carina stays in that when we’re over here. This way I only have to carry over the rat and not the rat and the cage.

Hanging out with Nara is ok. Sometimes we do our own thing like we are right now. Other times we talk or go out to eat somewhere.

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GothicBeauty: Nara’s lucky to have you for 104 days a year. I’d settle for just 1.

June 22, 2009

You don’t even know me, Gothic Beauty. I could be an ax murderer for all you know.

So Ari returned last night from gathering old junk with Lucia, picked me up at Nara’s place, then we went home and fucked like hell.

Then she came home pissed at me today, LOL. That’s because I had the music blasting so loud you could hear it halfway down the street.

Unlike Nara, who lives on a corner, we have neighbors on both sides of us. A middle-aged couple to the left, and an older lady to the right. The older lady, Adelina, was out front watering her lawn when Ari pulled in. So Ari’s apologizing profusely on my behalf even though Adelina says she doesn’t mind and assures her she cannot hear the music inside her house, yet Ari’s ordering me to turn it down anyway and never play it that loud again, or else!

I’m sure she’ll get over it by the time dinner is served. I’m turning out to be a pretty good cook so long as I get cookbooks written in English!

Comment: (3)
jbg194737: I like my music loud too.
GothicBeauty: I know you well enough.
Bettina: I live in eastern Italy. I’ve been through your town before, though, and it’s a really beautiful place. I speak both English and Italian but definitely wouldn’t want my cookbooks to be written in English, lol.

June 24, 2009

What do you know about me, Gothic, that I haven’t already mentioned here?

Thanks to the others who left comments:)

Went to the beach again. It was Ari, Nara, Lucia and myself, of course. I’ve only been to the beach in California a few times, but never did I see a jellyfish until today. The four of us were standing in the water that was barely up to our waists when I spotted this weird-looking thing floating on the surface nearby. I started over to it but Nara stopped me, saying it was a jellyfish. Now I’m paranoid to swim in the water, but it’s so cold anyway that I don’t go in but to cool off, and I don’t get very hot that easily. Not after growing up in the desert!

Nara and I took a walk along the shoreline at one point and I gathered up some shells and some seaweed too, so I could have fun annoying the hell out of Ari with it, much to the other’s amusement, by trying to “tie” her up.

They say I have an obsession with tying and wrapping things up, as well as nudging those I care about lovingly with my head. When I nudged Lucia affectionately today while I was sitting alongside her, I ended up sorry I did because I got tanning oil all over my hair! The others got quite a kick out of it, too.

Lucia is so damn cool. What an awesome mom she would have been to have. I used to dream about having a loving caring mother like her all the time. Oh, well. She also makes an awesome mom-in-law and I can enjoy that instead. She’s very beautiful for her age, too. She must’ve been a real beauty when she was my age.

Lucia instant messaged Nara again to say she was taking a break to give her eyes and mind a rest.

Nara: Yeah, she requires a bit of digesting, that girl, LOL.

Lucia: I’m a little confused, though, about her dreaming about having a loving mother. Weren’t her parents good people? Melina seemed to always speak highly of them. You and Ari met them. What were your impressions?

Nara: I was baffled by that one, too. They seemed like very nice people to us, and yes, Melina spoke highly of them. I wonder if there’s something we don’t know. Did you overhear anything at the funeral?

Lucia: Nothing bad. I got the impression they were very well-liked. Some of the other stuff she says is pretty funny.

Nara: Yeah, it is. Like that old shit you sell. I’m a little concerned about this Gothic Beauty, though.

Lucia: That one does seem shady. Hopefully, she hasn’t harassed Melina too bad, but as Melina said, she can block that user if she has to. We’re not even to July yet, so we can’t know yet what happens there. I’ll probably read a little more before bed.

Nara: Not me. Got too many papers to grade. Did Melina confide in you much about her past when she worked with you?

Lucia: She told me some things about her life back in The States, but nothing personal. Mostly things like how she liked to go swimming and roller-skating. About desert plants and wildlife, the monsoon storms they’d get, things like that.

Nara: God, I feel like such a little spy, but I sure hope she reveals who it is she’s got a crush on. I’m sorry, but the curiosity is a killer! I’d really like to know who it is. I can’t for the life of me even begin to guess, though I’d say it’s probably someone in the neighborhood here.

Lucia: Probably. But first I’d like to know more of just who Melina herself is.

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