Chapter 2 in Digital Confessions

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Nara entered the cool, air-conditioned kitchen of her mother’s house. “Mom, I’m here,” she called out.

“Be down in a minute,” she heard from upstairs. A moment later footsteps sounded on the stairs and her mother entered the room. “Hi there. How goes it?”

“Oh, ok. Just thought I’d stop by and say hello.” She walked over and pulled the half-full coffeepot from the coffeemaker. “Coffee?”

“Sure. I could use a break from this late spring cleaning I’ve been doing.”

They sat at the kitchen table with their coffee. Lucia studied her oldest daughter and knew she was struggling with something. “What is it?”

“Well…” Nara frowned indecisively. “I’m not sure I should say anything, but it’s getting hard to keep to myself.”

“Then tell me.”

Nara hesitated again. “Ok, but we should really keep this a secret between us. At least for now.”

“Ok. Let’s hear it.”

“It’s about Melina.”

“Uh-oh. Something wrong?” asked Lucia.

“Oh, no, not at all. I just got to thinking last night how she once asked me if I had a profile on Facebook and MySpace and sites like that.”


Nara nodded. “And so I got curious, knowing the young folks of today are really into the social networking scene and looked her up on Facebook.”


“And I found a link to her online journal.”

Lucia’s eyebrows shot upward and then she turned away for a moment to refill her coffee cup. “She has a journal online?”

“Yeah, she does.”

“And anyone can read it?”

“Yes, but don’t worry. She doesn’t say anything bad. A little explicit at times, but nothing bad, and nothing that could give her identity or whereabouts away.”

“Good, because you gotta be real careful about that these days with all the whack jobs out there. So what is it about it that you felt you had to share?”

“It’s just amazing. Not so much the things she writes about, but the way she writes them. It’s fantastic. No spelling or grammatical errors of any kind. She even has a link to this other site where people can post their stories, poems and lyrics that they’ve written, and wow. Just wow.”

“She’s that good, huh?” Lucia sat back down at the table.

Nara nodded. “She sure is.”

The two women sat in thoughtful silence a moment, then Lucia said, “So the link is on Facebook, huh?”

Again Nara nodded. “Yeah, but I’m not sure I should have told you about it, though I guess it’s too late now. I don’t know, I just couldn’t help myself. I just had to share it with someone, and I thought you’d be the best one to share it with.”

“So no one she knows is aware of the journal, at least as far as she’s concerned?”

“No one that I know of. She started the journal nearly a year ago, right after she got here. I’ve only read the first month so far.” Nara took a sip of her coffee. “In the first few entries, she’s unsure of whether or not she should tell Ari about it. Then she decides not to so she can call Rena names without offending anyone.”

Lucia chuckled. “Ok, well, if you think it best we don’t say anything, we won’t.”

“It’s so incredibly interesting and well written that I almost wish Ari would stumble upon it, but you know her. She’s no computer person.”

“Yeah, she and Rena will probably be computer illiterate forever.”

Mother and daughter talked about other things for a while, and then Nara left.

Once Lucia was alone, she wasted no time settling down at her own computer and seeking out Melina’s journal.

She had loved the girl ever since Ariella had brought her home to meet her. Cute as hell with her long curly tresses and angelic features, she seemed so innocent and a vision straight out of a fairytale.

The girl’s behavior showed possible signs of an abusive childhood, something Lucia was quick to pick up on having worked at a school for troubled youths prior to taking over the family antique business when her folks died. She hadn’t done anything alarming, but just having ADHD and being as hyper as she was and “young at heart” with her sometimes childish behavior, despite seeming smart, made her wonder how Ari could stand her. Ari was normally a very impatient and picky person who was quick to avoid those she didn’t consider damn near perfect.

She thought that the entries would explain a little more about the person behind the cute exterior. And so she began to read.

Nara was right. The writing was excellent. The sentences were structured in a way that made the reading flow smoothly and that made sense to the reader. Nara had also been right about the intimacy, Lucia thought with a smile.

The entries depicted that of a happy-go-lucky young person full of energy and ambition. Nothing too scandalous or that could harm her in any way, from what she could tell.

A while later, Lucia noticed that she had an incoming email and opened up her inbox. It was from Nara. She clicked on the message and read it: Call me if you can.

“What do you think?” asked Nara as soon as she picked up the phone.

“I think it’s amazing,” Lucia replied. “Just finished the month of May. Loved the part where she says it doesn’t seem right to call me mom because I seem too young and pretty to be called mom, even though I’m pushing half a century.”

“Yeah, I got a good laugh outa that one, too.”

“On to June now.”

“Okie Dokey. I’m going to read some more, too.”

“I don’t think we should mention this to Melina either. Melina may feel a bit invaded, even though it’s a public journal.”

“I agree. Ok, my lips are sealed. Have a good day.”

“You too.”

Lucia sat back and thought of the past year and all that had gone on in Melina’s life, including last winter’s tragedy, then she focused her attention back on the journal.

June 1, 2009

Been here just over a month now and loving it so far.

As I said before, I got a new bikini bathing suit at the mall when I went there with Ari and Nara and nearly got killed by that runaway car, and didn’t show Ari the suit. I wanted to surprise her. It – uh – well – it didn’t go over very well, LOL. See, what she didn’t know was that the bottom is a G-string. Ari, Nara and Lucia were already in the pool. I came towards them wearing the suit, and from the front, it just looks like a regular bikini. When Ari had me turn around, she gasped while Nara and Lucia started laughing. Then the prude demands I go change. I would’ve put my foot down and show her that I wasn’t going to let her order me around, but for the sake of not making a scene and the others uncomfortable, I went inside and put my shorts on.

Then I went back into the pool, and Ari’s like, “Cosa stai facendo?” (what are you doing?) And I told her well, she didn’t expect me to sit out and just watch everyone else swim just cuz she’s a prude, did she? The others laughed, and of course, they had to translate a bit for us since my Italian isn’t that good yet.

June 4, 2009

Got a job online a couple of weeks ago doing things like taking surveys. Every week, when Ari has to go to the bank anyway, I take my check, which isn’t much, and buy something like candy or perfume with it, my latest craze. I asked if I should put any of the money towards household expenses, but she insists I spend it on whatever I want for myself. Guess she really likes the idea of supporting her wife, LOL!

June 7, 2009

Ari thought it would be nice to go to the mall and pick out a new pet for us. Only thing is that she had something like a dog or a cat in mind. Not a rat, LOL! Oh, man, it was so fucking funny! You should have seen the look on that woman’s face when we entered this huge pet store and I guided her straight to the rodent section. It was a classic moment, alright!

She eyed them with disgust and looked at me as if to say, “You’re joking, right?”

But I wasn’t. I had had rats before as pets and knew what wonderful pets they made. It was frustrating not being able to tell her this. I eventually got my point across, but it took longer than I’d like with my shaky Italian. I finally managed to persuade her into letting us get a rat with a little cage, much to her reluctance and me not yet ready to tell her that rats needed to run around loose and could be given quite a bit of freedom with the proper supervision. You still have to keep an eye on them, but unlike with other rodents who would disappear, never return home on their own, and never come to you when called, rats can be free to explore and roam around several times a day. Many live more like cats who just use their home as a litter box and a place to crash. Some are more destructive with the way they love to chew and so their freedom has to be limited a bit more.

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funnyfanny: I’ve had rats too, and yes they do make great pets. You got that one right! I hope Ari gets used to the idea of having one around.

June 8, 2009

Ari used to the idea of having Carina the rat around? Ha! Not likely. Like it she does not. Accept it she does.

Carina means cute in Italian, and cute she is! Never could understand why most folks think rats look mean and ugly with their pointy noses and snake-like tails.

I think Ari can admit, however, that rats are smart and make good pets. She freaked the first time I let her out of her cage, and I assured her she’d be easy enough to train. So Carina knows to stay away from Ari and that she is off-limits. She knows Ari doesn’t like her, LOL. She loves to taunt her too, when she’s in the living room alone with Ari while Ari’s watching TV and I’m in the bathroom or something. She “rubs” her presence in every chance she gets by making sure to keep in Ari’s line of vision, reminding her that she exists, like it or not.

June 11, 2009

Started entering sweepstakes today. I don’t expect to win, but it would be nice if I did.

I’ve gotten to know several people in the neighborhood. They see me out jogging or casually strolling around either by myself or with Ari and we get to talking.

Sometimes Ari’s horny as hell, sometimes she’s not. Not that I’m not content just to cuddle at times myself, but it seems I can never get enough sex. She says it’s because I’m young.

My Italian is progressing well. Even Nara is amazed at just how fast I pick up languages, though she and I always communicate in English. Same with Lucia and I. This annoys Ari at times because she feels I’ll learn Italian even faster if I stop using English altogether. I also think she doesn’t like to not understand what I’m saying to Nara or Lucia, but if it’s that important, we translate for her.

June 12, 2009

Today’s the day I showed Nara and the others that I wasn’t kidding when I said I sang and played guitar. I play the keyboards at times too, though I definitely prefer the guitar even though it is much harder.

Ari and I went over to Lucia’s for a barbecue. Everyone was there. Not just the whole family, but some of Lucia’s friends as well. Clad in an old-fashioned, full-ass bikini, we all had fun in the pool, though Lucia’s friends didn’t stay as long. It was just as well. I prefer hanging out with just the family, even if it was at Lucia’s place and Lucia has a right to whatever company she wants.

Before we actually hit the pool, we ate first and then Massimo showed off his very first guitar which he hopes to learn to play, even if it was used and a bit beat up. Massimo and Valentino are Rena’s sons. Massimo is 8 and Val is 5. So Massimo said he was hoping to find someone to tune the guitar for him. I offered to tune it, then I played and sang an old Olivia Newton-John song and left the others gasping in shock. Ari and Lucia were damn near tears, especially Ari, who was hugging and kissing the hell out of me. That was fine with me, though, considering how much I adore the woman’s physical advances, LOL.

“I guess you weren’t kidding, lil’ sis,” Nara says to me, and I ask if she thought I was lying.

She goes, “No, just…”

“Crazy?” I fill in for her.

Then she grins and says, “Well, maybe just exaggerating.”

“Seems like you’ve had some training,” Lucia said.

This is true. A guy in our area was a singer and he worked with me for a while in his spare time. But it made my folks uncomfortable after a while, never knowing for sure just what went on between us. I assure you, though, he was the perfect gentleman, LOL! No hanky-panky of any kind was involved. I think that if the guy had to give up either singing or sex, he wouldn’t hesitate to drop the sex. Probably wouldn’t even miss it.

June 13, 2009

I realized something today. It just suddenly hit me right out of the blue. Didn’t slowly creep up on me, didn’t even run up to me. It just bit me in the ass in a heartbeat! I was going about life, as usual, one minute, then a nanosecond later while I was cleaning the bathroom, I realized I had a crush on her. It’s someone I probably shouldn’t have a crush on. Don’t get me wrong; I still love the hell out of Ari and would never step out on her. My crush on this person does not at all detract from my love and lust for Ari. But it’s a crush, nonetheless.

I figured I would be attracted to various people throughout my life, married or not because that’s just human nature. But the fact that it happened so soon after marrying is a bit surprising to me, though not nearly as surprising as who the crush itself is on! OMG, if Ari knew she would no doubt shit!

No one will ever know, though. It’s my own fun little secret. smiles happily

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funnyfanny: Come on, don’t leave us hanging! Who is it?
thegirlnextdoor: My guess – Nara.

Lucia sat in still silence. A crush? Who could she have a crush on?

She emailed Nara. “Have you gotten to June 13th yet?”

A reply came about ten minutes later. “Yep, sure have. Who do you think it is, mom?”

“Could it be you? I can’t think of anyone else.”

“No, I don’t think so. If it is, she’s done a good job of hiding it.”

“Come to think of it,” Lucia wrote back, “she does seem to trust you and I doubt she’d have a problem confiding in you. So if it was you I guess she would let you in on it somehow, even if it wasn’t directly.”

“Agreed,” said Nara. “Sure has me curious, though. Hopefully, she’ll spill the beans soon enough, but knowing her, she’ll make a game of it for a while first and let people make their guesses.”

“Probably so. I wonder how Ari would feel if she knew about it, whoever it may be?”

“Not good, I imagine. Again, we’ll keep it to ourselves.”

“Sure thing,” Lucia said, a grin forming on her lips.

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