Chapter 1 in Digital Confessions

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Nara stood by as her Italian half-sister locked lips one sunny April day with her still somewhat new little wife, Melina. Melina was adorably cute. Petite, blond and irresistible by the standards of most straight men and gay women. Ariella had fallen for the American tourist practically as soon as they’d met at the college they both taught at. And this would be somewhat to Nara’s disappointment, too. Not because she thought that Meli was bad for Ari, but because she had wanted Meli for herself. Sort of, anyway.

Oh, well, thought Nara. I still do prefer the guys, and seeing Ari happy for a change is nice.

But Nara was still curious nonetheless, and as soon as she left her sister’s house after dropping off Ari and Melina’s first-anniversary present, she walked around the corner to her house and booted up her computer.

The girl may be taken, but she was still quite intriguing. It couldn’t hurt to see if she could find any existence of her online, could it?

Nara thought back to some of their previous conversations as she waited for the laptop to finish booting. She ticked off the names in her mind of the major social networking sites Melina had asked her if she had an account at before telling her that she wasn’t into the online social scene herself.

She began with Facebook, and sure enough, the 21-year-old had a profile. Her profile picture included a shot of her and Ari hugging, smiling into the camera. Next, she read her brief bio.

I’m a married lesbian (well as much of a married one as Italy will allow), born and raised in America and now living in Italy with my hubby, Ariella, who is 30. I turned 21 last March 21st. Ari, as we call her, and her sister Nara, who’s 33, are college professors who teach Italian literature. My other sister-in-law, Rena, who’s 27, is a flat-out bitch from hell. She’s married with two small boys. Well, one of them is still small anyway. My mother-in-law, Lucia, who’s 51, is way cool. She and Nara are awesome. It’s only Rena that needs a major attitude adjustment. That’s all I’ll say here about my life. If you want to know more, follow the link below.

Hmm… what’s this? Nara wondered, clicking the link.

She waited for the page to load, and when it did, she was surprised to find that her little sister-in-law had an online journal that appeared to be rather extensive and detailed. Did that many people share their lives for the world to see?

She read the girl’s introductory entry explaining her interests; reading, writing, music, languages…

Then she began to read the entries that started nearly a year ago.

May 2, 2009

This is my first entry here! I stumbled upon this site today, just a few days after arriving in Italy. For good. Yes, I’m really going to live here! And it will be with the woman I married. I will, however, do my entries in English. For one, my Italian’s not that good yet, and secondly, this is a U.S.-based site. I think I’d have to be speaking Italian for many, many years before I started doing everything in Italian, and even then I doubt I would. Italian is a beautiful language and I’m looking forward to learning more, but English is still my native language and I don’t care to forget it.

May 4, 2009

Back again. Was too excited to write much the last time, but I guess I can do a real entry now. For many people, a journal is a place to dream, fantasize, and be everything that we’re not. But there’s really one thing I myself prefer to be, and that’s just me. Just little ole me.

Ari’s home now. smiles Guess I’ll do the so-called real entry some other time.

May 7, 2009

So as I was saying before Ari came home, and to make a long story as short as I can, my name is Melina and I just turned 21 last month. My husband and I plan to have a child through artificial insemination (with me doing the carrying) in two or three years. I want to learn more Italian and get settled in first. As they tell me, I’m young, I have time. Ari’s already 30, though, so she would gladly get the ingredients ready right now as far as getting the bun in the oven if I were to change my mind and decide to go for it sooner. I don’t think I will, though. I love kids and look forward to having one of our own. But right now I am also selfish besides young, and I would like to do things and learn more before I jump into motherhood. There’s so much to see and experience here in Italy! I especially love the beach and being right on the coast. I guess growing up in an acrid desert can do that to you. But oh, those days on the beach are so much fun! I look forward to them. I wouldn’t want to go there every day because there’s not much to do other than just sit around, and so after a while, I tend to get bored and restless. Sometimes I go with Ari, and other times Lucia or Nara joins us.

May 8, 2009

Just finished doing some house cleaning and am still enjoying my new life here in Ardea, a tiny town outside of Rome. I come from a very small and very poor family in the very lower tip of California, nestled in right by Arizona and Mexico. I didn’t have a bad life there, but I had a hard one, and yes, some of my earlier years were actually pretty bad indeed. I saved and saved for years until I could visit Italy with a couple of friends from school. One of them has an aunt and uncle in Rome. In fact, her uncle is the president at the college Ari and Nara teach at. That’s where we met. I went there to observe life and learn Italian. I speak Spanish, Portuguese, and a little bit of French and German, so this helps me to learn Italian quickly. Still have a ways to go, though. It’s very similar to Spanish, but at the same time, it’s an entirely different language.

May 10, 2009

Ari and I live in a cute little two-bedroom house. Around the corner from us, Nara has a one-bedroom. It’s almost the same layout. Lucia is about a 5-minute drive from us. She has a bigger house that’s two stories, but still with two bedrooms. She also has a black lab named Ricardo. He’s way cool.

Ari and Rena don’t speak English, but Nara and Lucia do. Lucia grew up bouncing between the U.S. and Italy. She eventually married and had Nara in New York. She got divorced and came to Italy with Nara when Nara was just a few years old and continued to teach her both English and Italian.

Nara had a son when she was just 15 who’s now 18 and living in northern Italy and studying to become a surgeon.

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MysticalAngel: Hi, Melina, and welcome to this glorious journal site. You’ll find a fine community of writers here. I like your style, btw. Mind if I ask who’s straight and who’s not? Just trying to keep all your friends and family straight, as funny as that may sound.

May 12, 2009

Oh, wow. I wasn’t sure anyone would really read this thing. But yes, Mystical Angel, your question is quite funny, LOL! Nonetheless, I’m a lesbian, and of course Ari, my hubby, is a lesbian. Nara is bi and everyone else is straight as far as I know.

Ari’s in bed now. We usually go to bed at the same time, of course, but I just couldn’t sleep. So I crept into the kitchen and here I am.

Other than writing, I have no “normal” skills. I’m a singer and a musician. It’s all I’ve ever done along with some dancing and acting sprinkled in the mix here and there. I even got a few bit parts in some movies once, though I don’t think anyone believes me. Nara just laughed when I told her I actually lived on winnings from karaoke contests for a while when things were really rough. It was just hard for me to find work living way out in the middle of nowhere like I did. Here there may be more opportunities, but I’m in no hurry. I was never one who felt she had to be some kind of rock star or movie actress of some kind. Like I said in one of my earlier entries, I like to be myself, and one can’t be themselves in show business very easily. I’d rather be happy and less successful, than not as happy and with more money.

I also draw and skate pretty well, though drawing gets boring after a while. I don’t do it very often.

May 13, 2009

Ari just left for work. As for me, I’m just a housewife so far, but I keep busy. I keep the place clean, I cook for Ari and I, and I definitely keep her well entertained in bed, LOL. Oh, the things we do! I love every single dirty little minute of it! Not that I have anyone to compare to, but she has the most magical touch I’ve ever felt. We’ve all shaken hands or received hugs from various people throughout our lives, but Ari’s touch is like no other. I just know it.

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Amie3497: You’re lucky to have such a nice family. Does Ari know about this journal?

May 14, 2009

Amie: No, Ari does not know about this journal, and I can’t make up my mind whether or not I want to share it with her. It doesn’t seem like the kind of thing that would interest her. I’m also not sure she’d like the idea of me putting my life online. Then again, maybe she’d think it was cool. I just don’t know. I haven’t bothered to tell her yet. I know I’m not doing anything wrong or anything like that, but I just don’t know if she really needs to know about this or even if she should. I will have to think about it some more. Although this is a U.S.-based site, my entries could be translated to Italian if I decided to share it with her.

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Amie3497: I can see where you’d be faced with a tough dilemma.
29canby66: whatz Ari like?

May 16, 2009

Yeah, Amie, it is a tough decision for me. Guess it won’t hurt to keep it to myself a while longer.

Ari’s personality could be described as being a bit on the serious side. Sometimes I wish she’d laugh more, though it wouldn’t be Ari if Ari was any different. Ari is who she is. She is a very headstrong woman who is reliable and knows what she wants in life. She has never abused me, but I wouldn’t want to piss her off. Because she loves me and I am her soft spot in life, I’m sure I could cross her and come out unharmed, but it wouldn’t surprise me if someone else ended up rather sorry for crossing her. Ari’s tougher than she looks. She’s only about 5’ 3”, 130 pounds, but her dad, who’s dead, was a boxer. He taught her and her sisters and even Lucia some serious shit. When she’s all dressed professionally for school, she seems like this mousy, even meek person who just about anyone could flatten, but I’m sure it’s just the opposite. I’ve seen the woman’s perfect body naked enough times to know how strong and fit it is.

Nara and Lucia have size in their favor. They’re not fat, but they’re tall. Lucia’s around 5’ 8” and Nara’s gotta be close to 6’.

Right now, she’s laying on the couch watching TV as she usually does in the evenings, and is starting to eye me curiously, wondering what I’m doing. I usually just say I’m swapping emails with my friends back in the states, but I don’t want to lie to her either. Besides, I’d like to go snuggle up on the couch with her, so c ya later!

May 19, 2009

Decided not to tip Ari off on this journal. I want a place where I can say something like “Rena’s a fat, ugly, dumb-ass mother fucker” if I want to without it offending anyone. Ari may not care for Rena much either, but Rena is still her sister, like it or not. And I especially think it’s a wise idea to keep quiet about this journal if I ever decide to reveal who my real mother is, not that I expect many people to believe that either.

May 21, 2009

Ari was laughing at me because I was complaining of being cold at 80º, but hey, when you’re used to temperatures of 110º - 120º it does seem a bit chilly.

I couldn’t bring myself to call my mother-in-law mom, and she said that was ok. IDK, it just doesn’t seem right. She just seems too young and pretty, even though she’s pushing half a century, to be called mom. And so I call her Lucia.

Ari and I screwed each other’s brains out earlier. It was sooo much fun, too! The first time she did me with the dildo thingy, I guess so I’d be “less” of a virgin, and because well, that’s what we lesbos like to do at times, it hurt like hell. Man, did I howl in pain! I bled a little too, but after a few minutes, I was fine. Just couldn’t have sex again – our version of intercourse – for a few days.

She has been patiently teaching me Italian. She’s a lot of fun to be around, even if, as I said before, she’s more on the serious side. I don’t think she’d be most people’s idea of “fun.”

It takes a hell of an exceptionally good-looking woman to cut it in hair as short as she has. Usually, I don’t like hair shorter than the shoulders of a woman, but she looks so good with her hair as short as it is. I think she would look good with it at any length, though I doubt most people would consider her that beautiful. I mean, I can see where some may say she was plain like she says she thinks they do, but IDK, there’s just something about her. Something about those dreamy dark eyes, so full of wisdom and awareness that really turns me on.

May 25, 2009

Ari, Nara, and Rena are actually nicknames. Their names are Ariella, Naralinda, and Renacita. Neat, huh? But that’s as far as I go. First names are ok, and even the name of the town I live in, but no physical addresses or last names allowed. Not even email addresses or phone numbers.

Want to see some of my short stories and poetry? If so, follow the link on my cover page here. I just added it on tonight.

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funnyfanny: You’re a great writer, Melina! Romantic suspense is your niche in the writing world. You’ve got talent that can really be developed. So you grew up in the desert, I see (I live in a part of Australia that gets some snow). Have you ever seen snow?

May 26, 2009

Thank you, funnyfanny, for the compliments on my writing. I once saw snow and decided I hated it so much that I hoped it would not only be the first time that I saw it but the last as well. It makes me shiver with cold just to think about it! But hey, to each their own.

Anyway, I’m not supposed to be alive right now, but I am, thanks to a utility pole. I even hugged and kissed the damn thing for saving me! It was a really terrifying moment there for Ari, Nara and myself.

The three of us decided to hit the city for a day of shopping and dining. They thought it would be easier to go by bus since parking’s a real bitch in the area we went to. So we walked down to the end of the street, hopped the bus, and had a fun day in the mall, even though I was sure to get on Ari’s nerves at times with Nara laughing about it. I didn’t mean to, I was just excited about all the cool stores. Growing up as sheltered and as broke as I did, it’s all pretty new and exciting to me, though I didn’t feel I had to have everything I saw. I would never want to take advantage of Ari, even though I know that being married and all that means it’s our money now and not just hers. Guess I’m just not that materialistic, though I do like to get some new things at times, and this time around I got a new bikini that I wouldn’t let Ari see. I plan to surprise her at Lucia’s place tomorrow when we all meet up there to go swimming. It’s become a bit of a ritual for Lucia, Ari, Nara, myself, Rena, her husband and their boys to go swimming on weekends. And damn is this pool cold at first as opposed to the public pool we’d swim at in the desert that was like bathwater!

Anyway, Armando and the boys are fine. It’s only Rena that’s the bad apple of the bunch. That’s why I’m glad it will be just Ari, Nara and Lucia tomorrow, cuz Queen Rena and her family have other plans.

So on with what happened. We shopped and ate, laughed, teased Ari, and did the usual things we do when we hang out together. Then we sat on a bench outside to wait for the bus. We had about a 10-minute wait. I sat leaning back against Ari because the seat was so deep and I’m pretty short, barely 5 feet tall. I pulled some of my “bubble gum tape” out of the roll and Nara said, “Gee, Melina, why don’t you just chew it all.”

I laughed, Ari rolled her eyes and shook her head, and I put the gum back in my purse. Not one to sit still for very long, I got up and stepped up to the curb about 6 feet away when all of a sudden I hear a loud screech and a car comes spinning toward me! I started to back up and it hurled itself against the utility pole which was barely inches in front of me. The vibration of the impact alone was quite scary enough. I could feel it even though I couldn’t and wasn’t hit at all. I started to scream and scream and scream. Ari and Nara both jumped up and ran toward me. Ari held me tight until I calmed down. Turns out no one was killed, but I don’t know what caused the accident. All I know is that if it weren’t for that utility pole, I’d be dead for damn sure, but Ari and Nara probably wouldn’t have been hit.

So we caught another bus further down the road since that section of it was closed off. I’m still shaking from the incident. Ari realized we’d forgotten to grab some milk along the way, so Nara was nice enough to go out and get it so Ari could stay with me. She not only got the milk, she got me a few more rolls of my favorite bubble gum. That was really nice of her.

I like Nara. She’s like the big sister I never had. Or maybe she’s like an aunt, too. I guess she could be considered many things.

Hmm… what are you, Nara?

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