Prologue in Digital Confessions

  • April 26, 2021, 7:21 a.m.
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Melina tried to remain as still and as silent as she possibly could in the cramped and darkened closet of the bedroom. Yet her body wouldn’t stop shaking in her terrified state.

The sound of movement somewhere within the house. The kitchen maybe?

Her heart, which she hadn’t known was capable of beating any faster than it already was, started to pound like crazy. She dared to take a peek through the slats on the closet door all the while trying to keep her trembling body from bumping into anything along the way.

She could see through the room and into the hallway from her vantage point.

How had the crazy bitch gotten into the house?

Melina tried to calm herself and steady her breathing. Maybe she hadn’t. Maybe she wasn’t even in Italy anymore. Maybe all she’d heard was the wind outside. And maybe it had simply blown a tree branch against the side of the house and she’d panicked and ran to hide in the closet all for nothing.

More sounds.

Tremors shot through Melina’s small body and she quickly covered her mouth to prevent her ragged breathing from being heard. But she had to remove it a minute later for fear of suffocating.

Shadows flickered in the hallway.

Oh, God, no!

A moment later the madwoman appeared.

Melina shrank back into the folds of the hanging clothing behind her, even though she knew that she would certainly be found if the lunatic decided to search the closet.

Please, please hurry home before she finds me!

She could still see most of the bedroom even though she was now pressed up against the back wall of the closet. Peering through some dresses that hung from the rack, she watched in horror as the crazy woman stepped out of the hall and into the bedroom.


Time stood still for Melina as the woman’s gaze slowly did a full circle of the room.

Finally, it came to rest upon the closet door.

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