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I seem to always have a lot to say and I am often all over the place but I am sorry for that because when I finish a thought I think of something else to add later and it gets confusing. But then typing like I talk can be confusing also. I am also told that people don’t understand what I am saying but that is because I am usually talking out loud to myself so if does get confusing. But then I can answer my own questions without actually answering out loud.

Onto something else....
On Wednesday I am going to be getting my first shot in my arm. I haven’t decided which arm but I am thinking because I am right handed it will be my left arm. And till Friday I am going to be watching for side effects but I am thinking all i will get is an achy arm and that will be it. that is all i got with the flu shot so it’s not too bad. But they say the side effects can be anytime from the day you get the shot till two weeks later so maybe it’s a good thing I will be self isolating till then then I will be immune but the masks and the distancing will still be a thing and I will have proof that I have had my shot so I will be happier. I have also been told that the second shot is like a booster so basically after two weeks of getting the first shot you are good to go.
And all of those who are not getting the vaccine unless there is an allergy involved the worst case scenario is that you will die without it and you are also putting people at risk. Just because we have had our shots doesn’t mean we can still get Covid or the variants and become sick and that is not fair. And so far the excuses I have heard just makes no sense to me. But the one thing I bet no one does know is that these vaccines have been in the works for about 20 years it’s just the Covid stuff that was created last year. But I have heard that parts of this vaccine was created at the same time as the Sar’s thing. Here is a question for you. if you have all the information then why does it matter when something was created or how long it took to make sure it works?

Onto something else....

Not much is happening to day it’s the last day of hubby’s weekend so dinner will be simple and left overs. I figure why create a big mess with every pot and pan and dish I own? And besides I have a lot of left overs but most of them I won’t eat. I usually give them to my son but it seems my son hates me till further notice. And also my Walmart order is coming today so there will be more things that are getting replaced. And I am also thinking that this coming week I will be doing some baking. Like my famous brownies and and a banana bread with walnuts and the brownies will have walnuts in them also to take some of the sweetness away and add a bit of a crunch and maybe some chocolate chip cookies.

Onto something else....
Well my brain has gone blank so i am going to stop here.
Please be kind, be calm and be safe and behave.

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