Wow. Photobucket is bad. in The Real Pretend Mulling

  • April 16, 2021, 9:01 a.m.
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Okay, so I decided, since I have a literal ton of photos still on that site, to purchase an annual subscription, if for no other reason than to download all of my photos and save them from Photobucket’s inevitable demise.

I entered my payment info at least five times, and after the fifth time, the payment is still “processing.”




Jesus Christ, Photobucket. I knew it was a shitty company the second they started holding peoples’ pictures hostage, but now they won’t even process the fucking payments to access them?! Or, as I suspect will actually happen, I’ll wake up to almost $500 of charges on my credit card tomorrow, because Photobucket accepted five payments without telling me they were accepted the first fucking time?!

I hate that site. I really do. It’s not enough that they stole literally all of the pictures I took from 2005 to about 2014 (including some of the last pictures I took of my childhood pets, all of whom died by 2015, and all of the pictures I took in Ireland), but now they won’t even let me buy them back?

Fuck Photobucket. I hope that site dies, but I hope (in futility, I know) that they have one last, tiny shred of decency and let people download their pictures before they do.

girl in recession April 16, 2021

Yeah, its awful. I considered doing the same thing you are doing but havent gotten the time/energy.

Cat Mommy April 16, 2021

Oh FFS. I'm so glad I never used Photobucket for storage, I only ever used it to share photos on Open Diary. So I deleted everything once they started holding people's photos hostage.

Timmy™ April 16, 2021

At this point, I've forgotten the handles I used for photobucket. I'd have to look at archived entries for links to it to figure it out.

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