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  • April 15, 2021, 2 a.m.
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I finally got me a picture for my diary that I actually like and once the instructions were in plain English I did it. But what I did was the picture I wanted I used the option of save link and then clicked on the change icon and it worked. So now I don’t look like a chess pond. So what do you think of my picture? This picture was taken the last time I lost all of my weight so I was pretty happy. Now I have to re-loose that weight so I don’t look like that picture much…well my face does but it’s a lot bigger and rounder like the rest of me now.
The thing about me when I gain weight or even loose weight is that it’s always evenly distributed so there is not one place that has more or less and in the end it evens it’s self out which I think I am very lucky to have and to be this way. But for some reason I still have image issues especially when I look in the mirror and even when I am thin I still see things that are not right like my face seems to be more wrinkly when I have lost my weight and I still think I don’t look all that great. But people say they love me no matter what so that must be something.

Onto something else....
I talked to my son yesterday and he told me he was getting ready to go to his counselling appointment and after that he sent me this because I asked him why he was going. I looked at this and couldn’t figure out why he sent it or what he is going so maybe someone here can tell me in English?


I am not very bright when it comes to philosophy so who ever thinks they know please tell me. My son has yet to tell me. I even asked my mom and hubby what that means and the whys and they have no clue. And they know a lot.

Onto something else.....

My land lady has finally turned off the heat and told me if the weather gets colder to et her know and she will turn the heat up and I told hubby and he is okay with that. I actually prefer the heat turned off because then that means I need to move to get warmer or I can go take a nice hot bath or shower and then I am good to go. And also I can use the excuse to use the oven and that heats up the kitchen a bit.
I have been here for about 6 or so years and not once in these years has my rent gone up so this means that when it does it can only go up like 2% a year so it still is affordable. And I really like it here because unless I tell people where I ma they have no idea and don’t even notice there is a way to the back where I live. And all of my neighbours are really quiet so that helps also. But the down fall is whenever I want to go anywhere I need to walk about a mile either way to the bus stop and then to decide if I want to walk down hill first or up hill first and then the same thing when I come back so I do get some walking in once in a while.
I really need to get more walking in but I just don’t like going nowhere I always need a place to shop or to get something to drink like a coffee and then my money runs out so then I don’t go anywhere.

Onto something else....

Well my brain has stopped so I need to stop here…
Do enjoy your day and be Kind, be calm and be Safe and stay home and behave.

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