Life without Lee in Morning Stream

  • April 14, 2021, 8:34 a.m.
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I seriously was considering selling the RV. Now is the perfect time. Demand is high. Supply is low. I bet I could get what I paid for it. It still has fewer than fifty thousand kilometres on it. Not a dent or a scratch. (There is a crack in the windshield.)
We don’t go out and live the Vanlife like I thought we might. I don’t know why I thought that we might. Taking up new hobbies is easy. Making them stick is not.
The RV joins my skateboard, collection of jazz cds, my mandarin learning books and apps and so many other things that looked good but had no stickiness.

I was sad to learn that a Vanlife superstar killed herself a couple of weeks ago. Lee McMillen of Max & Lee Vanlife internet fame jumped in front of a train in San Diego. Suicide.

I followed Max and Lee for more than a year, picking up their story when they broke down in Mexico. Needed a new engine for their Mercedes home on wheels. Other van lifers Emon & Bec and the Matneys (then known as the Millennial Minimalists) came to their rescue with a go fund page and selling t-shirts and other crap at highly inflated prices.
That was the boom of the vanlife-youtube phenomena, which was still going strong as Covid hit more than a year ago.

But Max and Lee had already broken up by then. Max continued on with the videos, building a new van to tour the land down under in.
Lee went quiet. It looked like she was going to start a ‘wellness’ channel, yoga and diet. But then nothing for almost a year.
About a month ago she turned up living in San Diego and had taken up biking and golf. Golf?
And then she did a couple of van life videos, this time building out a Ford Transit. Looked like she was coming back.

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