Getting covid shot in ?

  • April 14, 2021, 7:57 a.m.
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I am terrified.. I am getting the covid shot. I have heard so many scary things about the pfizer immunization but I really don’t want to get sick with covid. This is my first dose.. I am standing at the pharmacy shaking. I can’t wait till covid is over I hope I will be ok. One more dose next month.. screw you covid-19.

A Pedestrian Wandering April 14, 2021

Try not to worry, I'm old enough to be your dad and survived both Pfizer shots with a little soreness at the injection site and some tiredness, which could just as well have been from work, chores, etc. Good luck!

corpse April 14, 2021

My pfizer shots went fine my 1st shot my arm hurt a bit not much the second shot my arm hurt a bit and i was super tired and kind of achey the next day but it was one day

corpse April 14, 2021

Use this website the will text you and you report is you have symptoms 5 days after the shot then after your 2nd shot it's easy they text your it's a way to help track side effects people may get

Purple Dawn April 14, 2021

I'm jealous :)
I hope you do just fine. Take care,

Lunchbox April 14, 2021

It's honestly not bad. I had my first dose a week and a half ago and my only symptoms were mild fatigue and a very sore arm. My boyfriend had his first dose last Friday and he had no symptoms. It's definitely worth it.

Kristi1971 April 17, 2021

I shall read on and see how you got along.

Kristi1971 April 17, 2021

And you have not said, but you have written, so I am guessing all has been well. Good stuff. Hugs.

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