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  • April 14, 2021, 3 a.m.
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Is it true that we as humans never stop growing up? How old are we when we stop growing?
And the more we grow the more we are more responsible and understand better? Or do we just stop at 21? Or are we done growing the day before we die? I wonder if our growing is like parts of our bodies that never stop growing like our ears and our nose and our hair.

I have noticed over the years it doesn’t matter what you have learned in the past because once you are an adult you usually forget what you were taught and incorporate your own methods and your own ways. And this is probably why I am called a nagger. I only nag at my son because he always says he is going to do something and forgets to do it so when I ask him again he tells me I am nagging him. But the things I nag him about are the important things like making appointments to see specialists and to do his income tax and to bring me my containers back washed and not with science experiments or lost or broken. And then the things I buy him he either leaves behind or looses. And then when he tells me stuff he always leaves things out and all the questions someone would ask he never does.

And because of my son’s appreciativeness my parents and my brother have stopped supporting him and giving him money for different things like taking courses at college or buying him work clothes like steal toed shoes and helping him get good jobs because he always quits school because the teacher told him his work is crap and he looses clothes or leaves them places when he moves. This last time when he moved he left a almost brand new bed frame because his new roommate got a free one and he liked it better. I just wish my son would have told me he left it before he left because I would have taken it and stored it here but he didn’t even think of that. And not once has my son called my parents or my brother to say hi or ask them how they are doing. And my son has only called me once and that was to ask me for a recipe or something about a recipe and that is it. He never calls to say hi or ask how I am doing he says he doesn’t like small talk but still there is a lot to talk about once the formalities are done. So his way of idle chit chat is via face book and I really don’t like that I find it to be the lazy way to talk to someone.
But the sad thing is that my son doesn’t have any kind of relationship with my family and they have no desire to talk to him because when they ask him questions he only answers the way he thinks they want to hear and when they question him he never has a good answer as to why. And my mom told me she doesn’t want my son to phone her. And he is always late. The only reason he spends anytime with my parents is when we are going out for dinner and he is only there because of me otherwise he wouldn’t be going. But I think after this Covid he won’t be spending any time with them. I wonder if the way he treats my parents is a reflection of me and if it’s something I did when he was growing up? And as for the aunts they don’t even talk to my son or send him e-mails and he never sends a happy holiday or a happy birthday to them so they have just stopped talking to him because again there is no relationship. And everything that they have done for him he never really appreciates it and when they ask him what he got with their money gift he always forgets what he got.

Onto something else....

Well I am not sure what today will bring but the one thing I will do is take a pill for my headache if it gets any worse. I am hopping it will just go away with kind thoughts and being nice to it. And I have some really ripe bananas so i want to make a banana bread and I also want to make some brownies and maybe some of my famous chocolate chip cookies but Hubby is going to be on holidays soon for a week so I want to get it all done before then. But today I need to pretend to be the good domestic wife that I am and get the laundry done and the dishes done and the rest of the work I will just stare at it and hope it will get done on it’s own. Or by osmosis.
So this is it for now.....I will stop here.
Be calm, be kind and be safe and most importantly behave.

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crystal butterfly April 14, 2021

I have often thought about the "growing up" thing. I think some people mature and some people stay childish. I have seen a lot of really mature children. But there are also a whole lot of childish adults. So, I am not sure that everyone ever goes up. And some are quite a bit older in years when it finally happens.

Jodie crystal butterfly ⋅ April 14, 2021

yeah stuff always happens a bit too late but that is human nature.

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