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  • April 13, 2021, 7:24 p.m.
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The weather was beautiful. Last night, I was awakened by a knock on my door, some time during thr night. I had a hard time going back to sleep. I was up for good at 1am. Around 4am, after coffee and prescribed morning medications, I took a nice, hot bath and got a good shampoo. I waited for the Covid vaccine, but they never showed up. I was so wired and tired, that I cancelled with Theresa and went down to the local thrift store just to try to wake up. I bought some nice things. The dispatcher at the transit gave me a hard time about getting a ride back to my apt. building. I ended up having to get a cab home. I crashed when the Ellen show was on, and woke up at 5pm when the news came on. My airbed split open last night, when I was sleeping on it. I fell down to the floor as all of the air escaped. I have a futon bed as well, that I use as a sofa. I also have an unopened back up airbed. More later.

Deleted user April 13, 2021

I'm sorry you had such a creepy night :(

What brand is your "good" shampoo?

chocolatechip Deleted user ⋅ April 13, 2021

vo5 extra body shampoo

Deleted user chocolatechip ⋅ April 13, 2021

I used to use that stuff all the time! I hope it still smells good!

chocolatechip Deleted user ⋅ April 14, 2021

:) It has 5 essential oils + it gives my hair body. :)

chocolatechip Deleted user ⋅ April 13, 2021


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