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  • April 13, 2021, 3 a.m.
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I have made an observation for when it comes to color of what is in our bodies. And no matter what is our favorite color except for maybe red if we turn any other color we will be dead or near dead and that is not a good thing. Like my favorite color is blue so if anything on or inside of me turns blue I know I will be dead. The colors we have in our bodies have to stay because if they change then we have a real problem and it may be too late to fix. The only color I am not sure what it is is in our heads and brain but I think for the most part it’s red or pink or both.
I wonder if it’s possible to change our skin color to whatever we are not? I wonder what I would look like if I were brown? And come to think of it I have never seen anyone black but I have seen someone who is dark brown like those who live in Nigeria. So I think to call someone black is wrong. But then it really doesn’t matter what color your skin is because we all have red blood and we all bleed the same.

Do you know why face book is blue? Because the creator is color blind and the only color he sees well enough is blue but I think he could have used a much nicer blue.
Do you know anyone who is color blind?
This link is the boy who saw color for the very first time and his favorite color is blue because he said that there are more shades of blue then any other color.

Onto something else....

When was the last time you were somewhere and you just stopped and looked at your surroundings and looked at all the different colors and went to smell the flowers? We seems to never have enough time to do the simple things in life and enjoy what we have. We are always in a hurry to get to no where and then when we get there then what? I think people need to slow down a bit and just enjoy life and what they see but we won’t because money is way too important. Or is it stuff is more important? or Both? And all of our time is always wasted which is a shame because then we never appreciate what we see. I wonder if we would appreciate more if we were blind? Then we would have our other senses like touch and smell.

Onto something else.....

Well I need to stop here…This headache needs to disappear so I can actually think.
Do enjoy your day…be Kind, Be Safe, Be Calm and behave.

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Deleted user April 13, 2021

My dad was color blind.

Jodie Deleted user ⋅ April 13, 2021

what color could he see the best? green/Red?

Deleted user Jodie ⋅ April 13, 2021

I don't know. It was a sore spot for him.

Jodie Deleted user ⋅ April 13, 2021

that seems weird...for the most part it really doesn't matter or does it?

Deleted user Jodie ⋅ April 13, 2021

To him? Yes. To the rest of the world? No. My father very much wanted to be perceived as perfect.

Jodie Deleted user ⋅ April 13, 2021

I bet your dad was perfect to you know matter what.

Deleted user Jodie ⋅ April 13, 2021

No, he was not. I'll leave it at that.

Jodie Deleted user ⋅ April 13, 2021

sorry, I didn't mean to upset you

Deleted user Jodie ⋅ April 13, 2021

Oh, not at all! You didn't. I just figured you don't want to hear about my father issues.

Jodie Deleted user ⋅ April 13, 2021

well as long as you are okay and you don't want to say anything more that is cool with me...but if you ever want to talk I am always ready to listen and give my five cents worth.

Deleted user Jodie ⋅ April 13, 2021

Thank you :)

crystal butterfly April 13, 2021

The doctor who delivered my babies and was our family doctor (small town, he did it all) was color blind.

Jodie crystal butterfly ⋅ April 13, 2021

you remember which colors he could see? I think it's so cool how the eyeballs work.

crystal butterfly Jodie ⋅ April 14, 2021

The color he couldn't see. I remember because at the time I was pregnant, one of the ways they knew was because of the different color red the cervix was. I wondered how he knew it had changed color.

Jodie crystal butterfly ⋅ April 14, 2021

I think when people can't see something like color or letters or numbers they have a way of learning what they are suppose to be...Like my dad and my brother was dyslexic and they were told what the numbers and letters looked like and just remembered plus now a days there is spell check. But they always have a few tricks to know the difference.

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