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  • April 12, 2021, midnight
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I have the opportunity to get mu Covid shot sooner rather then later and I am wondering if I should or should I wait? I can get one at a pharmacy but it’s the AstraZeneca vaccine which is something like 75% potent or should I wait for the Pfizer or Maderno one? I think they are all two shots. The thing I am going back and fourth about is the percentage and I have heard more scary stories about the AstraZeneca then I have heard about the other two so my question to you is would you get your shot right now or will you wait?
I am going to be phoning the pharmacy today to make an appointment and who ever phones or e-mails me first that is where I will go. But then hubby is telling me it doesn’t matter which one I get because having it is better then not having it so there is that too.

Onto something else....

It’s funny how we have to wait for everything and it always takes longer then what we would like. But the one thing is we very rarely have to wait to go to bed and then go to sleep. But everything else in life we have to wait and the worst part is waiting in a line that takes more then an hour. But the worst is waiting for people because they are always late and they always have a lame excuse which is never believable but it’s always excepted. I wonder if we waste way too much time waiting or if we should just not wait and do what we want? But how do you hurry up food cooking? Or that first pot of coffee to finish dripping? There is another thing you don’t have to wait for and that is the bathroom for the most part especially if you live alone then you never have to wait. But to get things done that always takes time and you can’t really get distracted or it will not get done. I am famous for being distracted but eventually everything does get done but always takes more time.

Onto something else.....
Well yesterday turned out to be a really good day. the sun was out and the temperature was something that I could tolerate and we got everything done. And we didn’t spend all that much money at the grocery store so it turned out to be a cheap day. And then hubby ordered in Chinese so I didn’t have to mess up my kitchen. So all I need to really do today is laundry and dishes then dinner and that will be my day. And hubby has to start to get into work mode and go to bed at a decent time. Then tomorrow I get my ME time all day and then maybe I can finish what I didn’t get done today. We can only hope that everything does get done.

Well I need to stop here.
Remember to be kind, be calm and be safe and most of all behave.

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Zappel April 12, 2021

The advice we are getting from medical professionals here is to get whichever vaccine is available to you first. The risks with the AZ vaccine are very small -- you have more risk of getting a blood clot on a long flight than from the vaccine. It is also one of the most effective vaccines against the variants. The faster everyone is vaccinated, the more protected we all are.

Jodie Zappel ⋅ April 12, 2021

Thank you for this...I will be calling the pharmacy for sure...I was also worried about the varriants because they spread so fast.

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