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  • April 10, 2021, 12:36 a.m.
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Yesterday I took my second mock exam and went over the results of the answers I got wrong. I got 74%, which I’m happy with. As I explained to my husband, it’s a solid pass. I’m not aiming for 100% on this test. I just need to pass.

I decided to pick myself up a “special snack” to eat right before taking the exam. When I took the first mock exam, I almost immediately felt hungry and unable to concentrate. I stopped when I was only about a quarter of the way through the test to eat a banana and a granola bar, and then I did better after that. So, immediately before taking the second mock exam I ate a 210-calorie snack bar that I picked out from Target. It was a brand I hadn’t tried before, and the flavor was “birthday cake.” I quite enjoyed it, and I think it definitely contributed to my improved my performance. I got a box of 5, so I am going to eat one next week before my mock exam and then again before the actual exam.

Next week, instead of taking a 2-hour mock exam, I am going to take a 4-hour mock exam. I’m pointing out the obvious, but… that’s a significant difference! I can’t emphasize how long a 2-hour exam feels like it’s taking while it’s being taken. I’ve decided that, if I can take the 4-hour mock and score at least 70%, then I will be confident going into the real exam. (I believe you only need a 65% to pass the real exam). If I’m not happy with my score, I have a second 4-hour mock exam I can take, (and, if necessary, I have a third one).

One of the things that seems to pop up as a theme to the questions I got wrong is (not surprisingly) family therapy approaches. As of now my test date is scheduled for May 3rd, which means I have three more study days between now and then. I think I am going to plan on using at least one of them to make myself some flash cards after all, especially on the family therapy approaches. I’ll probably go back and review all of the answers I got wrong a second time and make sure the parts that confused me are clarified on my flash cards.

Of course, some of the questions I got wrong still don’t make sense even after listening to the rationale. Sometimes I listen to the lady going over all the possible answers and explaining why the right one is the best one, and I’m like, “What?? That’s stupid. That doesn’t make any sense.” I guess that’s just going to happen sometimes, and it’s part of the reason I have no expectations of scoring 100%.

In other news, my sleep has gotten WAY better. My daughter has only been waking up one to two times overnight for the past several nights, and I’ve been waking up in the morning actually feeling rested. Thank, God! I hope it sticks. She’s also gotten very skilled at self-feeding, which was a big thing I wanted to conquer before the second baby arrives. Oh, and fun fact: she can count out loud to 5! I’m such a proud mommy.

I mentioned in here a while back that we weren’t mentally prepared to start potty training yet. Then, her grandma started potty training her at her house, which was fine. She came back with a few success stories, so we decided to do what I was calling a “soft start” at our house. I didn’t have any big expectations of her being officially potty trained at any time, but I figured it couldn’t hurt to have her start sitting on the potty a few times per day, and I was giving her stickers for successful pee-pees. Well, after about a week, she wasn’t motivated anymore. When I’d say, “do you want to go pee-pee in the toilet?” she’d say no every time. Because I was never really invested in the first place, I was like, “okay,” and I figured we’d try again when we were ready. Keep in mind, she turned two in January.

Apparently when my husband was picking our daughter up from his mom’s house earlier this week, his mom asked how potty training was going at our house. He told her we weren’t really doing it anymore, and his mom said, judging and irritated, “She’s not going to be potty trained until she’s 4!”

UGH. This makes me so angry. We told his parents we weren’t ready, and they went ahead with it anyway. What did they think? They were just going to strong-arm us into potty training OUR KID? Honestly. What they do at their house is on them, as long as she’s safe and loved, but this controlling and judgmental attitude is out of fucking line. I’m really, really over it.

You know, I think we’re doing a great job as parents. We give our daughter great structure. She has a regular bedtime and a regular naptime. She eats a healthy diet and a multivitamin every morning. We read her books and provide her with developmentally appropriate toys. We take her on fun outings and love on her constantly. She has two stable, emotionally available parents. Would it really hurt to say, “you’re good parents” instead of “she should be potty trained and in a forward facing car seat?” I mean, Jesus. If they were my parents I would have blown up on their asses so long ago.

I’m very relieved by the thought of no longer having my in-laws providing regular childcare in the future. Lately it really seems like they’re forgetting their place, and I don’t see it improving without a drastic change… like removing our kids from their care. Things will just fall into a much more natural place when they only see their grandkids for visits.

Anyway. I need to get ready for work. Until next time <3

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The Thirsty Oriental April 10, 2021

Ugh. People can be so judgy about parenting.

Jodie April 10, 2021

I can remember reading somewhere that a child needs to be pottyied trained by the time they go to pre school. there is a book that helped me it's called

Original Rose Jodie ⋅ April 10, 2021

Preschool is still a long way out for us.

Jodie Original Rose ⋅ April 10, 2021

well if your child is two then she can stat in September no?

Original Rose Jodie ⋅ April 10, 2021

I haven’t looked into it. I just know we aren’t planning on sending her anywhere anytime this year.

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