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  • April 9, 2021, 2 a.m.
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How do you decide which is the better choice when there is more then one and they are all basically the same? Like if you can get something from a pharmacy or from the province or state? I can get my Covid shot right now from a pharmacy but it’s the AstraZeneca or I can wait till it’s my turn to get the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines. the thing about the AstraZeneca vaccine that it’s only 75% effective and there has been some side effects that seem to be really scary and the more I think about those the more I want to wait. But then I could be right now and only have one shot and be done with it.
I did ask my mom and she said she would wait and get the two shot one. But then she told me it’s really up to me and because she doesn’t know how I feel about either one of them I need to decide for me. And she is right. I have a really hard time deciding and I keep going back and forth and then it takes me more time. But then there are the experts and they are the ones who can make the deciding easier. But then the question is which expert do I ask? Do I ask the province or the pharmacy or do I ask the 1-888 number people? Knowing me I will be asking all three of these people just to make sure I am making the right choice for me.
Onto something else....

You remember that on going joke that went something like this…
Spring has sprung the grass has riz I wonder where Lorena is? And I wonder if her husband is functions like a man? But then that is what you get when the wife or girlfriend finds out if you were cheating because no matter the relationship adulty is just wrong and if it were me I would have just cut his thing off and flushed it down the toilet. I have never ever had any man cheat on me so I am not sure what I would do. But then the other side of the coin is what do you do when the wife or girlfriend cheats? Cut her boobs off? Or something else?
I would think the best thing to do is just leave and take everything with you including the house and his car. I think it’s better to leave and give him nothing and then throw him to the wolves when the court case comes around.

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I heard that once you get your first vaccine that you can have a semi normal life with others who have had their vaccines and I think you have the right to ask if they have had their and they need to show you proof. I think that will be a good start to “normalcy” But you need to wait two weeks be after the second vaccine. I hope that people will have to prove that they have has the vaccines till the world has had theirs. And then the life we use to know will be back. By the way Dr. Fauci said this but not the part about proving if you have had it.

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Here in B.C. people are getting sloppy and not seeming to care about the restrictions because now we have more then 1000 new cases and two more have died. When will people just do what they are told to do? But I think it serves them right for getting sick and dying because if they followed the restrictions and the rules we would have no cases at all. The doctors do know what they are talking about and people need to listen to them.

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I need to stop here.....
Enjoy the day and be kind, be safe and be calm and behave.

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crystal butterfly April 09, 2021

If people have to carry proof that they have gotten an experimental drug then I can see the forges making a lot of money. I will not be a test subject for a trial vaccination. The CDC or who ever approved these has no clue what the long term side effects will be. But for those that want it so be it. But for those that decline it they should not be subjected to have to prove they were not test subjects.

Jodie crystal butterfly ⋅ April 10, 2021

The thing is....Is if you do a lot of travelling then you might not have a choice and if you don't have the vaccine then you won't be travelling or going on cruises. And the side effects are no worse then any other vaccine that we have gotten since we were babies.
Question for you? If you had the choice not to have the polo vaccine would you have not gotten it? or is that different?

crystal butterfly Jodie ⋅ April 10, 2021

Depends on my age. I was a child. I had no choice. Today I would figure the pros and cons like I have the virus. It would depend on the political climate. Will the vaccine really work or is it more about power. Will those who have gotten the vaccine be any more protected from getting it than those that don't? Not the same scenario. Would there be as many lies about who died from polio as there have been about this virus? My children were vaccinated. I debated some of them. I had both measles, chicken pox, small pox (a reaction to the small pox vaccine). I am lucky my children did not have the much denied side effects to the children's vaccines. But they are giving some now that I don't know if my grandchildren have had them or not. Many are not necessary but to profit the pharmaceutical companies.

Jodie crystal butterfly ⋅ April 10, 2021

I think depending on what you do in life like if you are a traveller then it's a good idea to get these vaccines because where you are going is probably worse then where we are coming from. And I think if there is a good chance one can become crippled without then it's probably a good idea to have it. but then you have to remember as each generation is born the vaccines get better and better. Just look at the flu vaccine and how much better it is today then it was last year.

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