04.08.21 in My Therapy Book

  • April 8, 2021, 9:10 a.m.
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Another day to figure out what I am doing and where I am going. So many things to try and sort out in my mind. It all just seems like a swirling mass of late. Home, work, personal just one big blob. Hopefully writing some down will help me get a grasp on my day and accomplish something. Mobile App updates, website updates, Dr. appointments for kids it never seems to end. I am sure it will all fall into place before it is all done. Everything will work it self out and be accomplished.
I went over my calories yesterday. 2nd time in 38 days. Not too bad but I am a little disappointed in myself for allowing it to happen on a normal work day. Not like a special day out to Disney Springs or a night out on the town with friends. Still down 18 pounds since the start of March so not too bad. I really want to break 290 this week though and will not accomplishing that eating two cheeseburgers for dinner.
We are going to try and reconnect as a family this weekend by going to St. Augustine for the day. We have not done a family day trip in a very long time. Covid did not help but even before that we were all drifting apart. My wife and I used to go there all the time before we had kids. If you have never been it is a beautiful location right on the bay with amazing food and shopping. With the number of steps I will get in I might even get an ice-cream or fudge. I hope we have a positive day.

secretsmile April 08, 2021

I can absolutely relate to this entry. I feel like there is so much multi tasking and being pulled this way and that especially having kids (I have a 6 yr old).
Good job on only going over on calories 2 times in the last 38 days. Thats impressive. I started Noom about 10 days ago. So far so good but the 1100-1200 calories is tough for me to hit some days and Im usually around 1300 for the day (not bad for a lady of over 240 sigh). Its a lifestyle change and a journey.

lost soul secretsmile ⋅ April 09, 2021

I looked at Noom and wondered if it was worth it. I was over 300 when I started and so far staying under calories has not been a problem because I get plenty and still loose weight. I average around 1700. I have found that the exercise is the worst part for me. Has age creeps up on me the the pressures of work and home build up I just have a very difficult time finding motivation to move. Let me know how Noom works out for you.

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