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  • April 8, 2021, 2 a.m.
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They say to think too much really hurts the brain but then if you think with your heart then you get into most of the trouble and then there is no going back. But then what it the right way to go? Have you ever helped a friend out and then found out that it was a big mistake? I have done this more then once and now we are not friends. In fact they turned out to be toxic and even today they are the same and have no desire to change and that is sad. I on the other hand have changed and I like to think that I have gotten better at most things but when it come to people I try to just support them and don’t give them money or a place to stay anymore, except for maybe my son but he would have to be totally homeless before I did that because he usually gets what he needs And there is a long history with him and a whole other entry.
But the sad thing about friends dwindling through no fault of your own you have to look back and decide if you want friends like that or even a mate or a husband. The best kinds of friends are those you have known for more years then you have been alive those are the ones who you know the best. I really don’t have any female friends like that because the ones I have known for that long are toxic or they are what I call long distant friends. But I do have a best male friend and he would do anything for me but the one thing he does do is love me unconditionally and that is the best part of what we have.

I have been told that I over think everything and it takes me days to convince myself that it’s a good idea especially when it comes to gifts and spending money. And when I want to rearrange a room that also takes me days to finally do and I always need help or I will scratch the floor to bits. The worst thing to do here is to dust because I have an allergy to dust so when I do dust it needs to go in a different direction or I will get welts on my hands and then it will itch and then I will need one of my allergy pills and they work right away so it’s a good thing.

Onto something else....
I finally asked the administrator guy if he can help me with my picture because the one I wanted it said that there was something wrong with the link so I e-mailed him and hopefully he will get it posted for me and by the way thank you for all the help telling me how to post it. But this picture is from the last time I lost weight and it’s my hope that I get back to that weight so it’s just a matter of determination and a change of attitude.
I have realized that everything a person wants in life is always easy to get but the hard part is always maintaining it and that is always a life time and it never finishes except for may death.

Onto something else.....
Today is my baby brothers birthday. Well he isn’t really a bay anymore but to me he is and always will be. We have this running joke where I am always the old one and he gets to stay younger for ever. I don’t see my brother very often because of his work schedule and his other obligations but he does phone me when he is in between meeting or going somewhere. When I do call him he always has to call me back or he forgets and calls me when he has time. Usually my brother is half way across the world for his birthday but these last two years he hasn’t been and I think he misses that. He always goes to the coolest places. But then his work takes him there so he gets a holiday and work at the same time which is really cool.

Onto something else....
Well it’s that time again where I stop here....
Do enjoy your day and please be kind, be calm and be safe and most of all behave.

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crystal butterfly April 08, 2021

My brother will be 76. I'm 71. He still calls me Kiddo. I love it. Somehow we got to this age, but I don't know how.

Jodie crystal butterfly ⋅ April 08, 2021

Yeah I know....My brother says he is now all gray and I told him he must look distinguished.

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