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Nane kept her word and to Tesla’s surprise, things did get better. Nane also loosened up a bit as far as Tesla’s restrictions and limitations as a submissive and became less critical of her.

The only thing Tesla didn’t appreciate much was the weather once fall set in and dramatically cooled things down. She’d rather the stickiness of the humid summers in Germany if she couldn’t have it hot and dry as she most preferred. She hated it even more when fall turned to winter and brought in the snow.

“Cheer up,” Nane said one snowy Sunday as they were heading to Nane’s mother’s house. “We’ll be swimming and sunbathing in Turkey before you know it.”

Tesla smiled. Visiting Istanbul hadn’t been one of Tesla’s dreams in life any more than visiting or living in Germany had been, but it would be something new to experience, and there was no doubt that she would enjoy the break from the bitter cold and snow.

They arrived at Nane’s mother’s house a few minutes later and soon they were gabbing away in rapid German as if Tesla didn’t even exist. Nane’s mother wasn’t unfriendly and she didn’t seem to have anything against her, but she wasn’t exactly friendly either. She was simply indifferent towards her. Tesla would describe her as polite as opposed to friendly. She wasn’t cold, but she wasn’t warm. That was the thing about the woman; she wasn’t much of anything.

Although both mother and daughter were slender, they bore no real resemblance otherwise. Where Nane was tall, her mother was short. Their facial features and structures also differed from one another and while Nane had bluish-gray eyes, her mother had greenish-gray eyes. Tesla wondered if Nane had been adopted. Even her brother Mike bore no resemblance to either his mother or his sister with his stocky frame and honey brown eyes.

Tesla listened to the two talk as they sat in the kitchen. Tesla would ordinarily feel invisible in such a situation, but she didn’t find herself feeling left out at all simply because she had no desire to join the conversation. She’d learned quite a bit more German over the last few months, but no matter who knew what languages and how well, Tesla didn’t find the idea of chatting with such a person as Nane’s mother much fun.

Eventually, Tesla found herself getting impatient with waiting for Nane to be ready to leave. It seemed that time would never come, but finally, after three hours of listening to a conversation she mostly couldn’t understand, Nane was ready to go.

“Where to now, Master Nane?” Tesla asked, buckling her seatbelt.

“I’d like to just go back to the apartment and fuck the hell out of you,” Nane said as she maneuvered through traffic.

“You’re such a liar. Just a total fucking liar,” Nane said late one afternoon, head shaking, eyes narrowed and focused on the laptop screen before her.

Tesla froze.

What now? Things had been going so well, so what had she done now?

“What is it?” she asked.

“You’re saying in your blog that while things are better between us I’m still rough with you at times in bed and you don’t always feel satisfied. What bullshit! And this shit isn’t supposed to be a matter of public debate, Tesla, which means I want it deleted.”

Oh, that’s right. The blog.

Tesla hadn’t realized Nane was still reading it since they did, after all, live together. Nor had she said anything about it in quite some time. “But you are rough and I told you that many times, Nane. Besides, it’s my blog. So if you don’t like it, don’t read it.”

Nane’s head spun in her direction. “I don’t want this private, personal shit - true or not - online for the world to see!”

Tesla sighed. “I’ll edit some of it later.”

“No, you’ll edit all of it now,” Nane demanded.

“You knew I kept an online journal, Nane, and that I’ve written about our sex life before. So why are you now all of a sudden so desperate for it to be deleted?”

“I just told you why. Now do it this instant!”


“I gave you an order.”

“And I said no,” Tesla said, determined to stand her ground and not let Nane start pushing her around all over again. “It’s my journal. I’ll do as I see fit with it.”

Nane rose from her chair so fast that it fell over.

Tesla’s heartbeat sped up. She stood still as a tree trunk as Nane stepped toward her and hoped to hell she appeared much calmer than she actually felt.

In a low, dangerous snarl Nane said, “I said get the fucking thing deleted now.”

Hating to give in, but knowing she had no choice, Tesla said, “I’ll mark that entry as private, but I’m not deleting anything, Nane.”

“Fine! Then I’ll delete it,” Nane shouted.

“You don’t even know the password to my account.”

“Don’t need to,” Nane said, picking up the fallen chair and sitting back down at the table. “You forgot to log out the last time you were in the damn blog.”

Now Tesla was just as pissed at herself as she was at Nane. “Nane, please! All I have to do is mark it private and no one will ever see it.”

“Private my ass,” Nane hissed as she began deleting not just that blog entry, but others as well.

“You asshole!” Tesla screamed, trying to push Nane out of the seat and away from the computer as useless as she knew it was.

Nane stood up and slapped her across the face.


Tesla’s hand felt ice cold to her now burning cheek. “That’s it,” she declared once she recovered enough from the blow. “I’m out of here. Forever.”

Nane grabbed Tesla as she was fleeing for the door and threw her down on the floor. She then straddled her stomach, pinning her arms at her sides with her legs. “You want out, huh?”

“Stop!” Tesla screamed as Nane began toying with her by alternately slapping the sides of her face just hard enough to hurt but not to do any real damage, knowing all the while that she was powerless to defend herself with her arms pinned against her.

“You think my not wanting you to post private and mostly bullshit events in public is your worst of problems, little lady? Well, go ahead then!” she shouted as she let Tesla up. “Let’s see how far you get out there!”

Tesla rose on shaky feet, stumbled towards her purse, snatched it up and ran out the door. She didn’t even bother to close it behind her.

Once she was outside, she tried to focus on where to go. A moment later despair began to well up within her. She honestly didn’t know where to begin! The few people she knew also knew Nane, and certainly they wouldn’t care more about helping her than they’d care to keep her secret from Nane, would they?

She wrapped her arms around her. Her thin blouse was hardly appropriate for the frigid weather. As it was she was lucky it wasn’t snowing even though the ground was glazed with ice.

Tesla thought hard but was completely clueless as far as where to go. If she knew they’d extradite her, thus giving her a free ride back to the U.S., she’d call the police. But Tesla had done her homework and she knew that what she was charged with in the U.S. wasn’t enough to get her extradited. Just arrested at the U.S. airport. That was ok, though. Things had gotten so bad with Nane that she’d rather that than to stay where she was.

She was never gladder that her aunt hadn’t shipped anymore of her belongings overseas. Her aunt was also the only one that could possibly help her. The only problem was that she didn’t have much money and may not be able to come up with enough money for a ticket home as soon as she called asking for help. She may have to wait a week or two. Tesla would need to figure out where to go until then.

She turned and looked back at the apartment building. The lights in the parking lot and around the entrances would soon be lit since the sun was fast sinking behind the Munich skyline. Never before did she feel so lost and alone.

Suddenly, Tesla had an idea. It seemed foolish and even a bit embarrassing, but it was the only thing she could think of.

She crept back over toward the building entrance and peered through the glass doors from a bit of a distance. The hallway looked deserted. Heart pounding in her chest, she hurriedly ran towards the building and pushed her way through the door. Then she knocked on Dieter’s door, hopefully, loud enough to be heard by him or his wife, but not by anyone else.

She glanced nervously behind her, expecting Nane to come bursting out of their apartment any second to do more than just toy with her.

She spun back around and faced Dieter’s door.


After what seemed like forever, she heard someone slowly shuffle up to the door. Then in what seemed like another round of forever, the person fumbled with the lock and then pulled the door open a few inches.

Smoke quickly began to seep into the hall but Tesla didn’t give a shit.

Recognizing her, Dieter, hair disheveled and with a few days’ worth of facial hair, opened the door wider. “What’s up?”

“Dieter!” Tesla whispered loud and frantically, “Can you let me in?”

Tesla assumed he’d open right up given the distress in her voice and on her face, but instead, he frowned with cautious curiosity. “Well, what’s going on?”

“Nane’s lost her temper again. I’m scared,” she pleaded. “Really scared. Can you let me hang out here till I figure something out?”

Tesla wasn’t sure if Dieter had now taken on a look of alarm or annoyance, but before she could decide, the older man said, “No. No way. I don’t want to get involved in anything. It’s between you two and you two only.” He slowly closed the door.

Tesla had to resist the urge to shove the door open and barge in anyway as it shut in her face and the lock was clicked back into place.

“Fuck you!” she screamed instead, not giving a damn if Nane heard her. “Just fuck you, you mean, old, insensitive bastard! If she kills me I hope the guilt kills you!”

Furious, Tesla returned to the outdoors which seemed to have dropped ten degrees since she’d last been in it barely five minutes ago. Her breath was easily visible in the cold air.

Dieter had always been a hard one to figure. He had once been rude to her for seemingly no reason at all on Facebook before she came to Germany, but she never mentioned it to Nane because she didn’t want to come between them. She was his friend, he was her friend, and so be it.

No clearer as to where to go, Tesla began walking aimlessly. She wasn’t big on religion and churches with the way it tended to undermine women, children and gays, but maybe one of the churches could help her or maybe there was some sort of shelter she could stay at until her aunt could wire her enough money to get her home.

She’d gotten about two blocks from the apartment building when a guy, perfectly drunk, jumped out at her from behind a parked van. Tesla couldn’t have made sense of his incredibly slurred words even if she’d been fluent in German.

Tesla’s heart began to pound once again, though harder this time. Nane’s abuse was at least predictable, but this was a total stranger she was now dealing with.

The one thing she did understand without actually understanding the drunken bastard was that he wanted what she wasn’t willing to give.

She started to run towards the closest church she knew of in the area. The drunk gave chase, but she must’ve had a guardian angel looking out for her that day as just seconds later the loser slipped on the ice and hit the ground with a thud.

Tesla laughed out loud but kept on running. Before she made it another block, however, a shadow emerged from alongside the wall of a building and then her laughter abruptly turned into horrified shrieks as slender but strong arms reached out and grabbed her.

“Who’s laughing now, you stupid piece of shit? Huh? Who’s laughing now?”

Sobbing fearfully, Tesla had no choice but to allow Nane to drag her back to the apartment if she didn’t want to freeze to death or encounter a drunk with better balance.

So much for thinking she’d had a guardian angel with her that day.

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