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Tesla slowly glanced around the room. Everything looked great. And if all could go well for once, she wouldn’t spill or drop anything when she was serving dinner that night.

Her mind reeled back to last night as she waited for Nane to return home from work. She had expected Nane to eventually come into the bedroom and comfort her, but she hadn’t and that had hurt. She never even apologized for being so hard on her or taken the time to simply reassure her that things would be ok and that not everyone can do everything right all the time. Things sometimes went wrong, didn’t they?

But Nane had remained in the living room as Tesla had cried herself to sleep.


She was wondering if she should bother saying anything about it when she heard the key being inserted into the door. Then it swung open and in stepped Nane.

“Guten Abend, Fräulein Nane,” Tesla said with a smile.

Nane laughed. “Fräulein? Sounds like an old spinster.”

“I thought Fräulein was the equivalent of Miss.”

“It is. Sort of.” Nane sniffed the air. “Smells lecker. You know, as in delicious.”

“Yes, I know that word. Dinner’s ready when you are and I promise not to sabotage it or your clothes this time.”

“Why thank you, Lady Tesla.”

They ate their meal without any mishaps, but also without much chatter. Nane concentrated most on satisfying her hunger after a long day at work in which she simply described as “boring” when Tesla asked about it.

After dinner, Tesla cleared the table and Nane stepped out onto the terrace to smoke a cigarette and give herself bad breath.

God, she’s such a stunning, elegant and sophisticated-looking woman, she thought to herself as she watched Nane, dressed in her blue business suit, take a drag on her cigarette. And oh, so sexy. Even the way she smoked, as much as she hated it, was sexy.

Tesla would have preferred to spend a quiet evening alone in the apartment with Nane, but instead, they ended up spending most of it across the hall in Dieter and Anke’s stinky apartment.

They taught her some more German vocabulary, explained more about the language’s grammatical rules, and then Tesla leaned in close to Nane’s ear and softly asked for the keys as Dieter and Anke’s attention was held hostage by the dramatic scene unfolding in the movie they were watching. Tesla hadn’t cared about the movie. It didn’t seem her type of plot, not that she understood much of what was being said anyway. Besides, she just wanted to get the hell out of the smoky place.

“Why, babe?” asked Nane.

“You know all the cigarette smoke is rough on me.”

Nane looked at her hesitantly for a moment. Was that a flash of anger Tesla had seen in her eyes? If it was it was gone before it could amount to anything.

Nane snatched the keys off the coffee table and handed them to her. “Run them back to me once you unlock the door.”

Tesla darted across the hall, unlocked the door, and then ran the keys back to Nane.

“I’ll be back soon,” Nane said. Then with a suggestive wink, she added, “And then we can do something neither of us needs any language for.”

“Ok,” Tesla said with a smile, eager to get out of the smoke-filled apartment and to have something fun to look forward to.

“Ever been raped?” Nane asked after she’d returned to the apartment, brushed her teeth and slid her naked body in next to Tesla’s in the semi-darkened bedroom.

Tesla didn’t answer right away. The woman sure was full of surprises, wasn’t she? “No,” she said after a moment.


“I came close once or twice, but I managed to fight my way out of it.”

“Well, lucky you. But I’m actually talking about voluntary rape,” Nane said, pulling her towards her.

Tesla gazed at Nane in the candlelit room, shadows flickering almost eerily on the wall behind her. “Who in the world would volunteer to be raped?”

“I’ve always wanted to rape a woman,” Nane answered, pulling back and reaching for something on the shelves above the head of the bed.

“Are you serious?” Tesla asked, not sure if Nane was just trying to be funny.

“Yes, I’m serious,” she answered.

Tesla could now see that she had reached for a strap-on dick from a decorative box in which she thought contained jewelry, not sex toys.

“You gotta be kidding,” Tesla said, propping herself up on her elbows.

“Do I look like I’m kidding?”

Tesla stared at Nane. The candlelight failed to make her face appear soft and romantic. Instead, it seemed distorted and crazy as the flames flickered in the room’s air current. Then she gazed at the candle’s flame which sat atop a tall dresser at the foot of the bed. It was almost hypnotizing as she watched its flame appear to reach for the ceiling above. She abruptly turned back to Nane as she began to fasten the strap-on snugly in place.

“What are you doing?” Tesla asked.

“Preparing to rape you, Lady Tesla.”

“My ass you are!”

“Not quite. I don’t visit people’s asses any more than I let them visit mine.”

Tesla sat upright and scurried as far away from Nane as the bed would allow. “I mean it, Nane! I don’t do this sort of thing. Being your submissive is one thing, but being abused is another.”

“Relax,” said Nane, voice and expression softening. “I’m not going to hurt you.”

“Making me do something I don’t want to do is hurting me,” Tesla insisted sternly.

“But I won’t. I really won’t hurt you,” Nane said, voice rising.

“Rape hurts. And I don’t have to have actually been raped to know that. Besides, it’s been so long since I’ve been screwed that I can’t imagine there not being a degree of discomfort.”

“That’s ok,” Nane said soothingly, gently rubbing her shoulders. “I’ll be gentle. I promise.”

Tesla wasn’t sure what to do. She felt totally backed into a corner. Would Nane go ahead with her plan to “rape” her if she said no? Deciding she didn’t want to find out, she said, “You swear?”

“Yes, I swear.”

“You’ll take it slow and stop if I tell you to?”

“Absolutely, Lady Tesla.”

Although she was still a bit reluctant and nervous over the idea, she eventually relented and gave Nane her consent.

Nane slowly raised her body above hers and gently nudged Tesla’s legs apart. “Relax,” she cooed.

Tesla tried, but the tension in her body didn’t seem to want to let up. She still felt as if she were being somewhat forced and controlled.

Nane reached for something else just above her head.


She popped open the flip-top cap with her thumb and rubbed the silicone strap-on with the slick substance. “Easy gliding,” she said with a smile.

“Just go slow and stop if I tell you to.”

Without saying anything more, Nane parted her labia.

Nane was horny. Tesla could tell by her rapid breathing and her slightly quivering and jerky movements. This was fine. The problem was that Nane tended to get a little rough the hornier she was.

Tesla willed herself to relax as Nane slowly entered her. At first, it wasn’t painful at all. Just a slight bit of discomfort.

But then it was as if Nane suddenly lost control and forgot all about her promise to be gentle with her. Tesla demanded that she stop, but Nane ignored her at first.

Keeping one of her arms pinned with her elbow, Nane covered her mouth with her hand. “Shut up, Slave! Do you want the neighbors to hear and to call the police?”

She certainly did. Oh, God how she wanted that despite the risks that went with having any kind of contact with law enforcement. Then again, with as much discomfort as she was in at the moment, extradition might not be such a bad idea.

But you could go to prison for years, she reminded herself.

Ok, so maybe a little pain was worth it after all.

Nane drove on with a strength and determination that was mind-boggling until sadly, she came, obviously achieving great pleasure in the pain she had inflicted upon her. It seemed to take forever before Nane’s movements finally slowed down and then came to a complete stop altogether. Then she rolled off of her and fell onto her back on the bed next to her to catch her breath.

Tesla stared blindly at the ceiling, unable to believe she’d just been raped by another woman. It was rape even if she’d said “yes” at first, wasn’t it? It was rape when you changed your mind and the person failed to stop when you told them to, right?

Tesla’s mind thought to scream at Nane and then run, but her mind couldn’t command her body to do so.

Where could she run to anyway?

Instead, she simply lay there stunned out of her mind as Nane removed the strap-on, threw it on the floor, then fell asleep.

A small eternity later, Tesla heard the floor in the apartment above her creak softly as the old lady that lived there shuffled into bed for the night. She wondered about her and the other tenants in the building. Were their lives just as complicated as hers and slowly spiraling out of control? Were they victims of circumstance like she was, forced to play sex games they didn’t want to play?

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