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Nane slowly stirred the next morning. She looked over at Tesla’s sleeping form. Slowly, she pushed back the covers and got out of bed. She quietly crept into the bathroom and then she put on a pot of coffee in the kitchen. While it was brewing, she headed back into the bedroom and stared down at Tesla. Despite her age, she seemed so small and innocent looking. She’d be just perfect for that other side of her in which she longed to act upon but hadn’t yet found the opportunity to do so.

Tesla yawned and stretched. Her eyes then opened and focused upon Nane.

Nane smiled. “Guten morgen, schön.”

“Good morning, though I don’t think I’m very beautiful when I first wake up.”

“Oh, I disagree. Sleep well?”

“I did,” Tesla said with a nod, sitting up.

“Es ist gut.”

Tesla then realized she hadn’t brought a robe. “I didn’t think to bring my robe. Is parading around naked allowed?”

Nane laughed and said, “It’s very much allowed if it’s you doing the parading.”

Tesla slipped back into her panties which had been carelessly tossed aside the previous night and used the bathroom.

“Care for any coffee?” Nane asked as she sauntered into the kitchen a few minutes later.

“Yes, please.”

“Anything else?”

“I don’t think so,” Tesla said, accepting the cup of coffee that was given to her and gazing up appreciatively into Nane’s face.

But wait. Something was different.

Tesla stared hard into Nane’s eyes. A slow smile began to form on the attractive German woman’s face as it hit her just what was different. “You have bluish eyes!”

Nane chuckled. “That I do.”

“What happened to the brown ones?”

“They were just contacts. These dull bluish-gray eyes are mine, I’m afraid. Disappointed?”

“No. They look just as nice on you, though I’ve mostly been a fan of dark eyes throughout my life. I guess having these olive-green eyes will do that to you.”

“You have lovely eyes,” Nane said. “And such long eyelashes.”

Tesla felt herself blushing under the scrutiny of Nane’s brown eyes turned blue-gray as she continued to sip her coffee.

After a moment of silence, Nane said, “So, Tesla dear, have you any plans this weekend?”

“Nope. On weekends the crew and I just laze around or explore. What do you usually do on weekends?”

“Same thing. And you are hereby officially invited to join me in lazing around, though I thought we could also go out to get a bite to eat at some point and maybe even do a little sightseeing. I could show you around the area a bit and we’ll see what you think.”

See what I think?

“Sure,” Tesla said, not voicing her question.

“But first things first,” Nane said, taking Tesla’s now empty coffee mug and placing it in the sink along with hers before turning back to gaze down at her petite visitor with the firm perky breasts. “Shower time.”

They spent the remainder of the weekend talking, eating, sightseeing and sharing intimate moments together.

“What do you think?” Nane asked her the following humid but pleasant Sunday afternoon when they were returning to the apartment after grabbing some lunch.

“I think you make a great tour guide and that Germany cooks a mean burger.”

Nane chuckled and said, “No, silly! What do you honestly think of Germany?”

Laughing, Tesla said, “Should I be polite or should I be honest?”

“Honest, of course.”

“Are you sure?”

“I’m sure.”

“Well, if you’re sure you’re sure, then to be a hundred percent honest, the climate sucks, Munich is old and ugly looking, and the German language is even uglier.”

Nane laughed, not at all offended.

“Hell, even your flag is ugly, Nane.”

Again Nane laughed as she parked in her assigned spot at the apartment building.

“You seem so out of place with this country.”

“Yeah, I always said I was born in the wrong country. I really do belong in either Greece or Turkey. Probably Turkey. That’s why I visit there three or four times a year.”

“I don’t mean out of place because you don’t like it here,” Tesla said. “I mean that you’re a beautiful woman. So your presence is quite a stark contrast to the not-so-attractive setting in which you’re stuck. Well, that is unless you can move. Can you move?”

They were walking up to the building’s entrance as Nane shook her head. “Not until I retire. Can’t afford it right now, though I do make ok money.”

“Aw, too bad.”

“But you can move. You said you were between lives, so since you said your own climate isn’t all that ideal and there are some – what is the word in English – characteristics about your country you dislike, why not?”

“You could say that, or traits or aspects that I dislike, yes.”

“Well, to make it easier for myself since English is still my second language, there are some things about the good old Vereinigten Staaten we both agree aren’t very favorable, so why not move here with me and together we’ll escape to the Mediterranean in another ten, fifteen years or so where there’s plenty of sun and sea?”

They were entering the cozy apartment when Tesla opened her mouth to answer, but then she stopped. She just wasn’t sure what to say.

Nane appeared regretful and then she said, “I’m sorry. I’m coming on too strong and fast when I shouldn’t. It’s just that you’re different. I know we hardly know each other, but you excite and fascinate me in ways no other man or woman ever has, and I find my excitement and enthusiasm hard to contain.”

Giggling Tesla said, “It’s enthusiasm.”

“Oopsie. Forgive me for my poor English.”

“It’s not poor at all. In some ways, you speak it better than some of my fellow natives.”

Nane smiled. “Well, all I’ll say is that I know it would be a big change and that it’s asking a bit much, but if you ever feel you need a radical change in life, I’d love to have you with me.”

Tesla was flattered. It was truly flattering that someone who barely knew her would take her in at the snap of her fingers like Nane seemed so willing to do. Someone who genuinely seemed to enjoy her company and accept her as she was.

But there was also something that seemed – perhaps formidable? – about the woman who was so eager to take her in on a moment’s notice.

And then there was the fact that she was now a fugitive, in a sense, and while she was unfamiliar with how German laws worked, she knew there was a chance she could be extradited back to the U.S. should she ever be checked out on some routine traffic stop such as was the procedure in the U.S.

Her mind continued to argue with itself. The easiest thing to do would be to return home and not take any chances with Nane. She could learn more German, ugly language or not, but she didn’t know any more about Nane than Nane knew about her and anything could go wrong.

Or maybe something wonderful would happen if she just gave things a chance. Besides, maybe a serious change was just what she needed to liven up her life a bit.

“Wow, that’s an incredibly generous offer, Nane, but I don’t know. I just don’t know. I think I would hate this climate even more. It’s humid during the summer and snowy in the winter. Very snowy.”

“Yes, it is, unfortunately. But most places are air-conditioned in the summer, and since this is an apartment, no one has to worry about shoveling or plowing snow. It’s all done for us.”

“I hate apartments,” said Tesla, “and I hate the city.”

“Oh, that’s right. You said you rent a trailer in the boonies.”

“It’s actually my aunt’s trailer. She owns a parcel of land, and since the trailer is over a hundred feet away from her house and the land is hilly with lots of trees, it is quite secluded and peaceful. Also, if I moved here I might not be able to find work right away, though there are some things I could do online.”

“A job for you is not an issue for me,” Nane said, kissing her on the lips as they kicked their sandals off and plopped down on the couch. “I don’t care if you work so long as you’re with me and you are honest and faithful. And happy. I know it’s rather sudden and I don’t even know if I’m what you want in a woman, but my door will always be open to you.”

Nane’s affection tugged at Tesla’s heart. “Even if I don’t drive?”

“Even if you don’t drive.”

“Working with a financial sector I make pretty good money if I do say so myself. I could take time off so that we could return to the U.S. in about a week or two to start gathering your belongings. We could also ship some things as well.”

Tesla shook her head. “I don’t have much. My aunt could pack and ship what little I would need. I’ve never really been much of a needy person. I have decent clothes and some makeup and some jewelry, but that’s about it. So long as I have my computer and my iPod, I’m all set.”

“You wouldn’t even want to go back to say goodbye?”

Tesla shook her head. “Aunt Julissa and I were never really that close and whatever didn’t end up here with me would just sit in the trailer unless she decided to rent it out to someone. And if she did, she could have my nephew store it in her basement.”

“I see,” said Nane, not wanting to say the wrong thing and cause Tesla to back out of what ideas may be forming in her mind as to the possibility of staying in Germany.

“I’d have to learn to convert from dollars to euros, pounds to kilos, miles to kilometers, Fahrenheit to Celsius and that sort of thing. It’d be tough, but it might be fun in some ways.”

Nane smiled. “And it can be done, too. I did it when I lived in New York.”

“Yeah, but I don’t know. It gets awfully cold here.”

“I’d keep you warm.”

A moment of silence passed as the two women sat lost in their own thoughts.

“Well, we don’t pull out of here till next Sunday. There’s just one more week of performing and then another weekend to explore the Munich area one last time, then home we go.” Tesla gazed intently into Nane’s attentive and hopeful eyes. “This means that you have exactly one week to convince me not to return home with the rest of the crew.”

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