like an eggplant in the night sky in Captured thoughts

  • April 7, 2021, 3:15 p.m.
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This morning at about 11:30, on the way back into town, I stop for a pizza as I sometimes like to do. I always get the same thing - a large five item pizza: double cheese, ham, bacon and sausage. And it always costs the same $16.95 + tax, except last time when they charged me $21.00 + tax. I paid it, last time, without question. I thought the price had gone up. A lot of prices have gone up. Let’s blame covid. Let’s blame the communists. Let’s blame the Duke of Mozzeralla. But this time the price was back to what it always was. Weird.

I don’t mind the inconsistencies in things. I embrace the randomness of being. Maybe it was the whim of the pizza lady. She needed an extra four bucks. Maybe she just got it wrong. Whatever. There is no point crying over four bucks.

I rarely get out of bed before 9am. But today I made an exception. I thought I’d give it a try just out of randomness, just to see how the other half lives. I had a 9am appointment. I was right on time.

I take no pleasure in getting up early anymore. I used to. I used to brag about it all morning and then I’d have a mid-afternoon nap. I would brag about that too. There is no such thing as a bad nap, I’d say.

Funny how quickly things change. I’m reminded of this from time to time if I happen to find myself on facebook or linked in. Spotify creates playlists every year from perhaps the most played songs that I’ve played that year. What I listened to last year is completely different than what I listed to in 2016. Last year was mostly atmospheric space music. I might want to cut down on the cannabis before bed. Note to self.

But then wouldn’t I drift off and away, like an eggplant in the night sky. My thoughts would keep me awake as they banged together, looking for equilibrium.

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