A Bit Stressed in Abiogenesis

  • April 7, 2021, 4:29 p.m.
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Everything has just been a mess.

The doctor told me that my left arm is really jacked up. I have two cases of tendonitis, a bone spur, and a potential full tear. All in the space between my elbow and shoulder. The pain has been… Rough. The prescription that she gave me has been helping for sure. Though it makes me constantly tired…

Tired is probably better than being in worlds of pain, I guess.

Compounding the matter is my Leave of Absence Department. Apparently all the papers that my doctor faxed into them sent strangely. Cut off in places and just impossible to read. Maybe I’m just biased ‘cause I like my doctor’s office, but I feel like the LoA Department itself is likely more to blame. So now I’m jumping through hoops and contacting my doctor trying to get new paperwork sent out.

I’m stressed.
Why is dealing with HR always a pain? I mean honestly. I don’t need that on top of the pain and all the time off work. The financial situation is looking progressively more grim.

I’m gonna have to go back to work soon, arm be damned. Not sure how I am going to get a whole lot done but I’m going to have to try. Even typing this entry is making it really start to hurt. It’s why I haven’t been posting here much.. So I think I’m gonna stop here. I had more to say, but this hurts.

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